Forex Trading Made Easy

Monday, December 31, 2007

Are you kidding me? Forex trading isn't easy, it's about as risky a financial endeavor as you can legally participate in.Wait, let me rephrase that... foreign exchange trading is easy, success isn't. Yeah, that's right, that's my tag line. It's true.If you are looking for the easy button, here are some platitudes for you:Buy low and sell high.Have inside access to national economic

Unplanned Forex Setback

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, things have gone poorly just lately. Not because of anything that I've been responsible for, but because I was the recipient of an "insufficient funds" check. As the money I was planning to use over the holiday period was rudely removed from my account I was forced to withdraw a large portion of my Forex account.I'm quite peeved!Especially since I had some good in-profit positions

US Durable Goods / Jobless Claims

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The numbers came out weak this morning.While it appears to have caused some initial softness, I think we should keep in mind that a weak US economy gives the Fed additional room to lower interest rates without fears of inflation.So, personally, I might consider buying into weakness...

AUDJPY With Bollinger Bands

Lately I've been trading the AUDJPY using only an EMA (exponential moving average) and SMA (simple moving average). The theory is that when the price is below these averages it will at some point return above it. This is generally true, even during a downturn, but especially so during an upturn.I have been seeing some success with this, but it does have me hanging onto losers for some period of

AUDJPY Overnight Upswing

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cool.I'd been getting into the AUDJPY pair during most of the week. Now, most of my small nibbles have been taken out on the way up, at a profit, while I've sunk some larger carry positions about 120 pips below the current price.I like that!Anyway, as you know, it's very hard and dangerous to bottom pick, but if you don't mind accumulating some (manageable) risk, then you can (hopefully)

Timing Market Entry

I've noticed that the Forex markets move both fast and slow.If you are busy sinking money into some carry positions, the market might suddenly decide to go sideways, or perhaps down, for the next week. So, you go underwater and don't get to lighten your load on subsequent upswings.However, if you are light in the market, a piece of news will drop and leave your jaw on the floor as you miss out

Theoretical Investment Strategy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I like to think about things, twist them around, and come up with theories.It strikes me, that as long as a market continues to move up and down, such as the AUDJPY, that every time you take a position, you are guaranteed a profitable exit if you are able to wait long enough.This leads to some interesting theoretical strategies if you are using a trading platform that doesn't penalize you in any

Overnight Trading

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As I live in the eastern timezone, I get to trade overnight prior to the NY trading session on the next day.Last night I was able to settle some AUDJPY positions around 96.7, 96.8 or so. At the moment these are nicely profitable while the DOW futures are simultaneously positive.As far as I can tell, the US trading day pushes around the AUDJPY based on stock market movements. By this, I mean

When You Understand....

Monday, December 17, 2007

It seems that there is a behaviour in all of us. If we do not understand, we will study it. Thats how knowledge begins. We study in order to understand things that are unclear and unknown to us but what happen when we started to understand it?

Once we know how something works, we will not see it as a challenge. For those people that love challenge, they will lose interest. This is because it is no longer something to go after. You already have the answers and started looking somewhere else for new challenges. In the end such people will not accumulate wealth but he will gain knowledge. Knowledge in the end is what matters.

Last week I lose in Forex trading. I will update screenshot when I have the time. It seems to me that I am starting to lose interest in Forex for the above reason. For other reason I will not be trading forex till start of next year. Holiday season is coming, Im going home for a long vacation and forex has started to lose it appeal.

Those of you still struggling to understand it, keep up the work. Its a feeling undescribe by mere words once you have found the answer. At the time of writing we are seeing major turn on 3 pairs which are EurUsd, UsdChf and UsdJpy. Chrismast is coming and it would be a waste of time to trade now. Let us hope a new year wil bring new fortune to us all. Happy holidays everyone.

Income masyuk

Bayangkan kalau anda mendapat income sebegini dibayar setiap minggu. Amacam? tak melompat cam beruk ke?

SMS misteri dari seseorang yang tidak dikenali

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Isinya berbunyi begini:

Kalau saya jadi airmata,
Saya ingin lahir dari matamu, hidup dipipi mu dan mati di bibirmu
tapi kalau awak jadi airmata,saya tidak akan menangis
kerana saya tidak mahu kehilanganmu

begitu bermakna dari seseorang yang tidak dikenali.

Forex lak. minggu ni rugi. Nasib baik bisness lain masyuk banyak :)

Weekend Forex Thoughts

Although it is the weekend, I can't help but think about trading.One of the things I've noticed recently is that the EURTRY pair is much less influenced by Wall Street. The DOW is flying all over the place, dragging the AUDJPY and related pairs up and down the charts, while the EURTRY drifts sedately instead.However, a caution, the EURTRY has historically had some very violent and large moves

AUDJPY Reversals

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow, what a roller coaster!Yesterday saw a massive downturn, followed by this morning's upturn... and then a slow fade back down during the day.I'm happy to report I was able to recoup my losses from yesterday on the upturn, and then incredibly was lucky enough to unload near the peak. Sweet.As you might understand, I'm a little nervous about committing capital to the market at this point.

Recent Non-Success

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's fed announcement caught me with an unprotected position. Needless to say, as the floor dropped out of the AUDJPY market, I was given a bit of an unpleasant ride.However, I didn't blow up my account, so hopefully things will settle down and drift towards "the middle" so I can get out without too much pain.

Free Forex Signal 11 December 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here goes. What ever you do. Remember to put SL. SL is based on your guts. No guts no glory. Too much guts you will be dead.

Long Eur/Usd @ 1.4620 or better
TP 1.4870

Short Usd/Chf @ 1.1320 or better
TP 1.1060

At the moment all jpy pair is at the height of its momentum. Entry is not adviseable. Wait for it to turn then a fresh entry will be available. I lost much on JPY pair this week due to miss calculation. At the moment my account is down by more than 2k. I will post result at the end of the week.

Mixed week

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mixed week so far. GBP rate cut really messed things up. Things are really looking good for a Gbp correction where the rate cut made the correction very small and no clear market direction.

At the moment i am holding a lot of losing position hoping the market will turn back. At the same time doing hedging to cover the losing position. Hopefully next week all goes well and I manage to recover. If things do not go my way, then I will have to accept losses. Losses happen in forex and it happen a lot. Prepare for the inevitable.

Langit Tak Selalu Cerah

Friday, December 7, 2007

Forex telah digembar gemburkan sebagai satu jalan utk kehidupan mewah. Ianya kelihatan begitu anggun seperti sesuatu yang mudah dan jelas. Hakikatnya ianya tidak begitu.

Jangan sekali kali menganggap Forex adalah jalan utk mencapai kekayaan. Ianya mampu memberi pendapatan yang lumayan tetapi tidak utk mencapai kekayaan. Fakta, 10 manusia terkaya didunia tidak seorang pun dari mereka mencapai tahap kekayaan dengan forex. Malah kalau ada yang rajin, boleh kaji 100 orang terkaya didunia dan berapa ramai dari mereka kaya dengan Forex. Jawapan mungkin tidak ada seorang pun mencapai kekayaan dengan forex.

Ini kerana dalam forex langit tidak selalu cerah tapi malangnya laut sentiasa bergelora. Cabaran yang tinggi perlu dihadapi sebelum seseorang boleh hidup dilautan forex.

Nasihat ini telah banyak kali aku berikan kepada orang yang memerlukan. Kalau ingin jadi kaya, kita perlu mempunyai berbagai sumber pendapatan. Periuk nasi perlu ada lebih dari satu. Barulah boleh mencapai kekayaan, itupun kalau kekayaan yang diharapkan.

Secara ikhlasnya aku bermula dengan forex bukan kerana duit tapi kerana ilmu. Dalam dunia cuma 5% saja manusia mampu hidup sepenuhnya dengan trading forex. Kalau aku mampu tergolong dalam umat manusia 5% itu, maka aku akan jadi golongan manusia terbilang. Mudah saja cita cita aku.

Busy Week

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Last week I just traded for only one day. Then Im off to Tawau for a holiday. My one and only trading day last week ended up in profit. This week I started trading today. Hopefully by end of this week I can post another trading result.

At the moment EU is looking good for a big dive. GJ is currently doing a correction before it continue its dive hopefully.

Good trading for all of you out there since today is a good day for me coz I am in profit now :D

Recent Success

Monday, December 3, 2007

Well, it has been a few days since then, so I can't remember the full details, but I was able to catch an up-trend with a significant amount of my net asset value slipped in.Basically, when an initial foray is in-profit, I'm ready to put in more when the trend seems apparent and things are acting rationally. So, after a few ups and downs, perhaps within an up trend, I could have accumulated

Slow Down Week

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last week started with a high momentum movement but in the middle of the week its slow down. During slow down period its getting harder to trade plus I was on the plane to Kuala Lumpur for one day.

Anyway here is the result. Not as good as last week and i expected more.

Btw just bought Nokia N95. Anyone here have any idea how to install software on this phone. Its different from previous Symbian.

Success With AUDJPY

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally, I seem to be able to make a few dollars. This is significant as it represents a ray of sunshine in my quest to become a Forex trader.I'm still playing with a small account balance, but hey, if I'm able to grow this into a more serious stake, I'll be willing to trade with it.Anyway, to give you what might be a trading tip or two, my process currently is to start out by looking at a 1hr

Forex Signal 20 November 2007

Long time since I posted a signal. Been quiet bz with office work. Its a blessing actually to be in the office, coz I can trade while doing my office work.

Lately time doesnt allow me to take short term trade, as a result I revert back to my old system using 4H TF but with add on from my short term system. Result is very impressive.

Here goes for the signal, but before you take it seriously I must warn you to use SL appropriately. Losses are unavoidable in forex, the only thing that kept me alive this long in this hazardous market is maintaining small losses while taking big gain.

On the short term side (30m) GJ is still a short trade but slowly it has turned to long trade on 4H chart. Sooner or later GJ will have to go long due to intermediate buying pressure but be warned, GJ is an all time short market in long term period. Advise is to take the long and get out while you are in profit coz in the long run GJ will take a dive to the unknown.

Long Gbp/Jpy @ 224.76 or better
SL is on your own but calculation of lowest value somewhere 224.24
Your entry window should be from 224.76 - 224.24
TP 227.10, 234.90, 240.40

What a week.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It has been a good week for both long and short position. I still have some position still open coz havent reach my tp yet. Anyway here is a screenshot of it. Truly I enjoyed it. :)

100% return on capital per month.... possible???

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just wanted to get your view on this topic. Is it possible to get a return of 100% every month on your capital by trading forex????

For example you have $1000 in your forex account. Every month your profit is $1000++. Is it possible to do this by trading forex. If anyone of you out there can do it, do post your result here.

Just wanted to see if its possible to do it or to maintain it month after month.

Time To Accumulate A Carry?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The AUDJPY is down around 96.00 at the moment.I've ridden the money train on the way down a couple of times. I don't know if there is a real term for this, but as it goes down, I add new positions as previous ones have profit protected behind a stop loss. When you catch a large down movement using this practice you can put nearly your entire account into play -- while only taking any risk on

AUDJPY Unwinding

Friday, November 9, 2007

The yen is appreciating quickly at the moment, or should I say a short period ago. Luckily I was awake and able to scramble around in my account to keep things sane!EDIT: It is still unwinding... now at 102.75 and holding. Oops, now approaching 102 and probably beyond.

AUDJPY Thoughts

I'm still trading the AUDJPY.I've learned that the Dow Jones and the AUDJPY have a correlation based on the fact that people borrow Japanese Yen to invest. You can watch the AUDJPY rise and fall as the Dow rises and falls.Hmm, what else have I learned?I've also learned that I have a tendency to get too heavily invested. I guess I'd be okay if I had a larger capitalization -- assuming I did not

Sesuatu Yang Unik

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kebiasaannya aku akan post dalam English tapi hari ini aku post dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Hari ini juga bukan cerita mengenai Forex tetapi cerita yang lebih bernilai dari forex atau wang ringgit. Sesuatu yang kita semua ambil mudah kerana ia dinikmati setiap hari.

Aku adalah seorang yang teknikal dimana setiap satu bende akan aku kaji dan cari jawapan secara logik. Hasilnya aku mempunyai kemahiran yang tinggi dan banyak. Antara kemahiran yang ada pada aku adalah aku boleh membaiki kereta, motor, komputer, alat eletrik dan macam macam lagi. Kebolehan orang teknikal

Bende yang lebih bernilai dari wang ringgit yang aku maksudkan adalah kesihatan. Kesihatan yang kita semua miliki secara percuma setiap hari hingga kita lupa ianya adalah satu nikmat yang tidak ternilai harganya.

Baru baru ini aku ada membeli gelang tangan magnetik. Bab citer magnetik ni dah lama aku dengar. Ada orang letak magnet kat minyak kereta, kat badan dan macam macam lagi lah. Yang pastinya bende tu tak logik dan setakat yang aku faham, ianya tak berfungsi. Walaubagaimanapun kefahaman aku terpaksa ditukar dan aku terpaksa menerima hakikat yang tidak logik.

Abang aku telah memperkenalkan gelang magnetik kepada aku. Atas sebab abang aku sendiri, maka aku belilah gelang yang seperti didalam gambar ini. Gelang tu cantik, amat cantik dan unik kerana dibuat dari Tungsten Carbide. Harganya cuma RM890 sahaja. Jangan takut, kerana ada gelang dari Stainless Steel yang harganya RM215 kalau ada yang tak mampu.

Aku pun memakai gelang tu dan tanpa disangka sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal berlaku. Dalam masa seminggu kesihatan aku lebih baik, tidur lebih lena dan tenaga aku meningkat. Aku pun mencari di internet penjelasan atau kertas kerja para saintis mengenai Bio Magnetic Therapy. Yang sebetulnya tidak ada satu pun kajian yang jelas menunjukkan Bio Magnetic Therapy betul betul berfungsi. Kebanyakkan saintis hanya mengatakan ianya adalah kesan psikologi sahaja yang membuatkan kita berasa lebih sihat. Walaubagaimanapun NASA menggunakan teknologi magnetik ini pada sut angkasawan untuk mengurangkan kesan ketiadaan medan magnet bumi pada angkasawan.

Selepas itu aku memperkenalkan gelang ini kepada beberapa rakan dan mereka membelinya kerana harganya yang mampu dimiliki. Dimasa yang sama aku juga menanti maklumbalas dari mereka. Untuk makluman aku telah menjual lebih dari 10 gelang ini dan tidak seorang pun dari mereka yang mengatakan ianya tidak berfungsi. Yang lebih pelik lagi, ada antara mereka mempunyai masalah tekanan darah tinggi yang kronik. Hasil pemeriksaan doktor, tekanan darah mereka telah bertambah baik dan ada yang kembali normal. Memang satu yang pelik, kerana kalau ianya kesan psikologi takkan pemeriksaan doktor menunjukkan peningkatan dalam kadar kesihatan mereka.

Ada kes kes yang aku temui sendiri dimana mereka yang sakit bertahun lamanya telah sembuh dimana mereka tidak lagi memakan ubat yang dibekalkan oleh doktor. Ini kerana mereka tidak lagi berasa sakit setelah memakai gelang tersebut dalam masa 2 minggu.

Jangan tertipu dengan gelang yang banyak dijual dipasaraya, pasar malam dan sebagainya. Ianya tidak berfungsi dan telah dicuba. Untuk gelang magnetik ini berfungsi, aku difahamkan magnet itu dibuat dari bahan tertentu dan mempunyai ukuran kuasa yang tertentu utk bertindak balas dengan badan manusia. Oleh itu jgn membuang duit keatas sesuatu yang tidak berfungsi dan berkemungkinan memudaratkan badan.

Apa yang aku tulis disini adalah hasil penemuan aku keatas sesuatu yang unik. Sesuatu yang aku tidak sangka. Ramai orang yg aku temui tidak percaya akan cara perubatan ini dan aku juga tidak memaksa utk orang percaya. Terpulang kepada individu untuk menilai tapi pada aku, aku amat berpuas hati bila melihat orang yang menderita sakit bertahun lamanya sembuh dan dengan ikhlas berjumpa dengan aku bersalam dan mengucapkan terima kasih.

Kepada yang berminat utk mengetahui lebih lanjut boleh melayari laman web Edymium. Kalau yang berminat untuk mencuba/membeli boleh hubungi aku di 016-8178343. Bukan niat nak promo tapi bila kita menemui sesuatu yang amat baik, secara lumrah kita akan berkongsi dengan orang lain. Ini kerana sifat semulajadi manusia, kita adalah makhluk yang sosial dimana kita tidak boleh hidup sendiri.

Baca, kaji dan buatlah keputusan sendiri.

Rusdhi Mohamad

Bragging Rights on the AUDJPY

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I just could not resist posting this. It represents a great day of trading the AUDJPY leaving me with both profits and some low priced carry positions. What more could I want?I should note that I stayed with this pair for over 24 hours. The US Jobs report came out during the spikes outside the trend lines.

Trending the 5 min AUDJPY

Friday, November 2, 2007

I've been having a great time spotting trends on the AUDJPY today. Well, of course, I have to point out that trends are good until they change. However, with that out of the way, I've been able to pick up some trends, identify channels, and generally advance my knowledge and confidence quite a bit.Sure, sure, I know, everyone can float in a rising tide, but check the charts today, things have


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Forex Scalping Information

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Okay, I've been trying to find information on forex scalping and the pickings are mightly slim indeed. In fact, the so-called information on the net is so bad I'm going to write up a small post of my own... because I'm sure if you found this page you are desperately looking for some real information.What Is Scalping?Quite simply, very short term trading.Why Don't Brokers Like Scalping?Well, some

Free Forex Signal 24 Oct 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As usual there is no certainty in Forex but there are high probability if you are good at it.

1. Short Gbp/Usd @ 2.0515 or better

2. Short Gbp/jpy @ 235.68 or better

I will not give stop loss or take profit since that is on the money management side. Manage it well and with a good system you can gain.

Good luck

Grabbing Some USDCAD Pippage

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well, it's about time!It looks like there is some strength in the USD happening (or perhaps it has already finished happening) at this point. Am I vindicated?Who knows. As I've seen posted here and there a few times, everyone trades alone. You have your convictions, systems or maybe even a dartboard, and you play as your guidance and resources dictate.However, recent weakness in the USD does

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kepada semua umat Islam tidak kira dimana jua anda berada, Selamat Aidilfitri diucapkan. Kepada yang tidak berugama Islam juga diucapkan Selamat Aidilfitri. Kita warga negara Malaysia mempunyai budaya yang unik dimana kita dapat hidup aman didalam satu negara yang mempunyai berbagai bangsa. Syabas untuk kita semua kerana berjaya menjaga keamanan ini. Semoga ianya berkekalan abadi

My new bracelet

Monday, October 8, 2007

There are certain things sometimes that you bought and you immediately know its a good thing. Things that you like/love and would like to show it to people. Its not show off just that to share with people about things that you find good.

I just bought a new bracelet. It cost RM890. Its made of Tungsten Carbide. Its big, heavy and all shiny. It is soo shiny, it looks like glass yet it is metal.

This picture is taken with my mobile phone as my digital camera is at my home in KL. It actually look much more impressive than what is in the picture. It is shiny, it is catching and bouncing light from all angle. I really like it when I walk out in public and people are starring at my bracelet. Its not gold, nor it silver but it is shinning a lot more than gold or silver.

Anyone of you would like to see more headover at this website. Maybe you will find a pattern that you like. :)

Free Forex Signal 5/10/2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

For yesterday trade EU and UJ ended up in profit indeed becoz both the pair tends to move towards the given signal. Hope those that follow the signal got out with profit coz there are a lot of swing going around.

For this morning, my charts are giving these signals:

1. Gbp/Usd
Short Gbp/Usd @ 2.0392 or better
SL on your own
TP 2.0370, 2.0352, 2.0334, 2.0277 and more

2. Gbp/Jpy
Short Gbp/Jpy @ 237.42 or better
SL on your own
TP 237.18, 236.98, 236.78, 236.14 and more
Word of caution, GJ is a pair that swings alot. You will have to stand lots of negatif pips at time before making it actual move. I prefer not to trade GJ

At the time being EU and UJ still gives the same signal as yesterday. I decided to close position

Its been a while

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Its been a while since i posted. My internet connection at home is bad now thanks to tmnuts streamyx. been extra bz with work, just get out of hospital due to torn muscles. hopefully i can post regularly in the future.

Free Forex Signal:

1. Eur/Usd
Long Eur/Usd @ 1.4100 or better
SL on your own
TP 1.4111, 1.4128, 1.4142, 1.4155 and more

2. Usd/Jpy
Short Usd/Jpy @ 116.60 or better
SL on your own
TP 116.47, 116.29, 116.15, 116.01 and more

These are short term trades since I found myself having less time to trade nowdays. All the best.

USDCAD Is Playing By My Rules

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Okay, I've blogged recently about the USDCAD approaching a low.I know there are always skeptics out there, and I'm not trying to sell you anything, but I will suggest that this pair is now fairly easy to trade.When it shows signs of weakness, dropping significantly, buy it. When it approaches parity, sell it. It may or may not be at bottom yet, but nobody really believes that the Canadian

USDCAD Edges Lower

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Okay, if we were at bottom a few days ago, it was only a soft bottom!Right now, according to the charts I'm viewing, this pair is trading at 0.9925, which is nearing a penny below parity. I can hardly imagine what such a drastic change in rates, worldwide, truly means to the state of global economic affairs.Perhaps the current administration has done the unthinkable? Perhaps the US predominance

USDCAD Once Again

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Okay, I think it is nearly safe to say that the USDCAD has hit bottom.Heh, actually, it's probably not safe to say, but it has certainly found some support at and above the 0.9950 level. I think that the downward pressure from speculators has now eased.I also think the downward jump has been overdone.However, assuming I'm right, and I'm finding that often I am, I don't know how long it will take

Missing the USDCAD Bottom

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Well, I'm not sure if the USDCAD has finally hit bottom or not. It's around parity today which is pretty much what people were talking about.Now, I did purchase some before parity. So, I'm underwater, holding my breath, wondering how much time it might take before I'll notice some buoyancy and float back to the surface.I guess this makes me a swing trader, because now I'm looking at holding my

Financial Excitement

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There has been a lot of frenzied action since yesterday's Fed rate cuts.Personally, I've activated an account with OANDA. They allow very small accounts and any size of trade. Also, you can trade less common currency pairs at reasonable spreads. For example, during normal trading, the spread on the EURUSD is usually 0.9 pips. That's great!Anyhow, more experiments under way.I've got some

Bottom Spotting the USD/CAD

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Down and down it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows.Just how low can the USD go compared to the CAD? Parity is an option. Below parity is an option. However, there have to be some fundamentals that come into play here. The amount of trade between the USA and Canada is huge!Traditionally, the USD has always sat above the CAD.Anyway, I'm not sure parity or below is realistic. I'm starting

The EUR/TRY Carry Trade

I'm dabbling in the EURTRY carry trade situation.Due to the difference in interest rates you can pocket a bit of change as long as you maintain your short position. Obviously, however, nothing is free. The EURTRY market has a lot of volatility complete with sharp price spikes on the order of 1500 pips!This means that you cannot leave a position completely open or you will risk the value of your

Market Not Active

Friday, September 14, 2007

For the past 2 weeks the market is not very active. Just now its starting to move. When the market is not active I rarely trade and even if I do trade it would be small TP and SL. At the moment I have 2 post newly open. Its in profit now just hoping for a bigger return.

When the market is not active, I do other things. In these 2 weeks, I have upgraded my pc and car. Pc and cars are my hobby now.

My PC:
At the moment I have 2 desktop and 1 laptop. I wanted to buy a new pc but if I do buy a new pc I will have 3 desktop which is an overkill for me alone. Im not about to open a cyber cafe at my home.

Upgrade Spec
1. Abit AN9 32X RM570.00
2. AMD Athlon X2 +4000 RM235.00
3. Kingston 1GB DDR2 X2 RM278.00
4. Geforce 8600GT RM395.00
5. 350W Power Supply RM110.00

My pc upgrade cost me RM 1,588.00

My car:
I also upgraded my car ekzos system and intake system. It is an upgrade long overdue since the original piping already have holes here and there.

Upgrade Spec
1. Complete ekzos system + muffler RM305.00
2. Intake pipe + K&N filter RM400.00
3. New Head Unit. Now can play SD directly RM398.00

My car upgrade RM 1,103.00

guess what, at the moment it is much cheaper to upgrade your car compare to upgrading a pc.

Then I was looking around the net and found this website. It sells magnetic bracelet. Sort of Bio Magnetic Therapy. I go and buy one and wear it. The first time I wear it, I felt dizzy like I was drunk of something. I cannot even smoke cigarette any more. That night I had a good night sleep. The best sleep since a long time. Its like someone switch off the power. The next morning its all good. Looks like Bio Magnet Therapy really works. The bracelet is good looking, it give you bio magnetic therapy and also its a MLM business. Personally I dont do MLM anymore but since the bracelet is giving you a chance to actually make money, its a very good deal. Not only does it looks good, it keeps you healty and give you good opportunity make money.

Its 3 in one package. Looks good, Feel healthy and make money. woooooo. Anyone interested can contact me @ 016 8178343.

Trailing Stop Strikes

Well, whether it is a small correction or not I have no idea, but the USDJPY has gone down enough to remove me from the market. So, my profits have been pocketed and I need to look for opportunities to get back in.The same is true for my AUDUSD holdings.I'm starting to look into the USDCAD, in the long term, but there is always the risk that the US dollar will take a dump when the Tuesday

Riding the USDJPY Train

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well, imagine my surprise to wake up to a hugely profitable swing in the USDJPY.It's too bad that I wasn't awake during the action. I could have increased my position on the way through and grabbed stupendous gains from it. Anyway, I cannot complain, as I've added almost 10% to my account.Isn't it great when you accomplish great things in your sleep?Of course, I should note that I did have some

Minimal Participation

Sure, you want to have as much capital as possible involved in an upswing, but it's painful having a stake while the market slides.Unfortunately, you have to keep dipping in your toe. At the apparent end of a long slide, or when a correction appears to run its course, it's time to dip in that toe. What happens when you end up tossing your coins into the fray and the market rejects your advances

Riding the AUDUSD Upswing

I've been riding the recent AUDUSD increase.Now, I have some competing issues on my mind. As the AUDUSD hits new highs I have to worry about corrections. However, if this instrument is going to continue rising, I'd hate to not maximize my participation. See my previous post about having to play to win.Anyway, while a more experienced Forex trader might not have to "figure this out", I've

Gun Shy

I'm still a little gun shy.I see little dips and corrections, which is only to be expected, and my stress levels go through the roof. That's what I get for playing across the recent job reports news last week.All I can do is remind myself of various cliches. You have to play to win. No risk no reward. Buy low sell high. No guts no glory.I suppose all this concern is healthy. It will

You Have to Play to Win

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, now that I've exited most of my positions profitably, I'm paranoid. What if I put in some more cash and the market takes another massive dump? Heck, it has been a long upward run so I'm sure a correction is brewing at some point, right?You have to play to win.If I sit on the sidelines and fret away the day I'll get nowhere. What I need to do is participate in a guarded way. What I

Every Day Feels Like Sunday Baby

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I don't know if you'll remember it, but there was a commercial on CNN a while ago that had this song. It would talk about stocks, making money and how great trading the NASDAQ was. Something like that anyway.Well, when the markets are moving in your favor, every day feels like Sunday.Yes, indeed, my pip grinding slogfest has been ongoing since Friday, but things have improved so much since then

Grinding Out the Pips

Well, I've been grinding away at my open positions. Catching the tops of candles and buying in again at the bottom. I guess that means I'm fairly good at reading the short term charts with respect to top and bottom behavior.I've got several dozen trades in the past couple of days. It's probably a little too much work to bother transposing all the data.Suffice it to say that I had some

How The Market Move

Monday, September 3, 2007

After looking at charts for over 1 year now, I have made a conclusion on how the market move. It may differ from other people point of view but at least this is how I made profit or loss in Forex Market.

The Market generally move once or the most twice a day. That is how much Forex market move. There is no point on being stuck in front of the pc the whole day since it will only move once. If you dont belive me look at any pair in timeframe 1 hour or less. Forex doesnt move in straight line but it has a tendency of moving to a particular direction in a zig zag motion.

The idea is to develop a system or set of indicators that will give you an entry early enough for you to profit when the market makes its move. There is no way you can tell the move before its moving. The price must move at least a little to a particular direction before you signal is triggered. Then you enter the market and take the remaining move.

The system must only give you signal once a day or twice the most. Because its a daily trade dont expect much. Sometimes condition are bad even 5 pip is enough. You must remember that if you are trading less than 1 billion you are small fish in the sea. Take what you need and leave or else get eaten by the big fish.

In developing the system that will take advantage of Forex movement characteristic, I sense that I have succeeded. I have a system that will give signal only once a day or twice the most. Like most Forex system in the world, there are difficulty finding the right entry and exit point. An entry and exit that will give you the most out of the move before it will retrace.

In the end, its about how and when you enter. There are no room for mistakes here since mistakes are costly. From the very 1st trade you make till the last trade, the risks are all the same. Experience is an advantage but its not an insurance. Once everything turns bad, there is no saving you.

Welcome to the World of Forex

Example trade using Bollinger Bands

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This picture is a chart of GJ where you can see my entry, SL and TP. It was taken right after I enter the market. I opened 2 post there.

This picture was taken this morning after the price has moved. Its a beautiful picture and it works most of the time.

This is a daily statement of yesterday trade. You can see that I have closed the 2 GJ post earlier than my TP target. Anyway yesterday was a good day to trade. As for today GJ continue to go uptrend with a correction coming soon. Wait for that correction and enter if the strength holds.

Trading with Bollinger Bands

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis tool invented by John Bollinger in the 1980s. Having evolved from the concept of trading bands, Bollinger Bands can be used to measure the highness or lowness of the price relative to previous trades.

Bollinger Bands consist of:

1. A middle band being a N-period simple moving average
2. An upper band at K times a N-period standard deviation above the middle band
3. A lower band at K times a N-period standard deviation below the middle band

Typical values for N and K are 20 and 2, respectively.

The bands cannot, as some have supposed, be used to make reliable statements regarding what fraction of an equity's prices will lie within a certain distance of the mean value. This is because an individual equity's price does not obey known distribution functions (see stochastic process). For example, if the bands for plus or minus two standard deviations (2SD) are computed, it is wrong to suppose that ~95% of an equity's closing prices will, on average, lie within the Bollinger bands. That would require, among other things, that the prices be normally distributed, which they are generally not. It would further require that the true standard deviation be known. The standard deviation calculated as above, however, is only an uncertain estimate of the true standard deviation. Furthermore, it should be realized that the "standard deviations" of stock prices for finite time periods are not fixed parameters as required to apply classical statistical theory, but instead are variables in constant flux depending on price volatility. The bands give a visual picture of a stock's price volatility. Nevertheless, the bands can be useful in the technical analysis of prices or returns and by Chebyshev's inequality contain at least 75% of prices. These occurrences should be considered in relation to other factors before making investment decisions.

It is of interest to note that faulty interpretation of a price touching or breaching a band based on incorrect statistical assumptions has become so widespread that some traders now use these events alone as trading signals and by so doing may have unwittingly injected significance into these band-touching events that should otherwise be absent. Nevertheless, anyone can observe over time, that for a diversified group of mutual funds, say, the proportion of daily adjusted close prices that breach their 1-month 2SD Bollinger bands varies between 5% and 15% of days, with each fund having a fairly constant, characteristic long-term breach probability descriptive of its long-term, relative volatility.

When the bands lie close together a period of low volatility in stock price is indicated. When they are far apart a period of high volatility in price is indicated. When the bands have only a slight slope and lie approximately parallel for an extended time the price of a stock will be found to oscillate up and down between the bands as though in a channel.

The use of Bollinger Bands varies wildly among traders. Some traders buy when price touches the lower Bollinger Band and exit when price touches the moving average in the center of the bands. Other traders buy when price breaks above the upper Bollinger Band or sell when price falls below the lower Bollinger Band. Moreover, the use of Bollinger Bands is not confined to stock traders; options traders, most notably implied volatility traders, often sell options when Bollinger Bands are historically far apart or buy options when the Bollinger Bands are historically close together, in both instances, expecting volatility to revert back towards the average historical volatility level for the stock.


I use 2 Bollinger Bands with the same value on my technical charts. These 2 BB are for:

1. Trend Reversal Detection
2. Exit Target
3. Entry Point

Before we go on any further, a visual display is needed since we human learn faster through our visual.

As you can see in the graph, there are 2 BB with RSI. There are 5 set of circle indicating when the price cut thru Bollinger Bands. I will try to explain here according to numbers in the chart.

1. Price cut the upper BB at the same time RSI only cut thru middle band. Indicating the price is over bought while RSI is showing weakness. That is your point to short.

2. Price cut thru the lower BB and RSI is doing exactly the same. This showing that the price is according to strength. Exit at will. This also indicates a new trend has started. Take only short position from now on.

3. Same as no.2, this is your exit position. RSI agrees with the price. Continue to trade short.

4. Price cut thru the lower Bands but RSI is in the upper part of the Bands. This is a sign to start thinking of reversal. Lowest price at that point was 1.0550. Normally I would give out signals based on that lowest price.

5. Price makes a new low of 1.0530 and RSI still disagree with it. This is due to last minute trend traders who are pushing the price even lower thinking the trend is still there. I must agree, the trend is still there but the strength is gone long ago.

If I were to trade this pair, I would give out a signal to long @ 1.0550. The price hit bottom at 1.0530. Meaning there was a -20 pip position hold. Now the position is +30 and guess what. Its breaking the middle bands. Once the middle bands is broken and it cut thru upper bands and RSI agrees with it, we have ourself an uptrend. Meaning that I have trade the pair much earlier than most traders do because they are trading on trend.

At the time of writing I am holding ucad long with SL at breakeven. The worse thing that could happen is ucad reverse making a new low leaving me with nothing. If all goes well, I would like to see that upper band and make my exit there.

Of course there is no certainty in forex. In this article I am only showing the possibilities of using only BB and RSI to trade forex. Currently I am using 4 indicators to my technical analysis. Maybe some of you out there can do much better and come up with a better system.


As you can see in the picture, those circle are my entry and exit point. At the time of writing, I have already closed 2 position with +97 pip and holding 1 position with SL at +8 pip. Thats brings a confirmed total of +105 pip for ucad alone.

Looking at the chart, Ucad is still a long trade but there is not much follow thru. This maybe to the fundamental effect saying usd dollar has been so weak all this while making trader unwilling to enter on usd side.

Remove Some Advertising

I have remove some advertising. In the beginning, they are there because they are flasy, full of colours with attractive animation. Someone decided to comment that my blogs is full of advertising.

Ok, it is remove. Now I see my blog as empty. Its dark with just text. Any idea to improve the looks of my blog?

I Missed Most Of It

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last week was a busy week + I have a bad flu. I only manage to trade on Friday last week and got out with a lot of pip. Thank god.

As for next week, opening of next week will be tricky. Last friday we saw a jump on GU, EU, GJ and EJ. That last jump really upset the downtrend. It would be very difficult to trade those pairs now.

Last hope is to use a breakout system. Hopefully next week we can see a clear direction of trade. May many pip be with you.

Looking at Elliot Wave

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This is a screenshot of EW on daily EU and GU. What do you think?

Ranging Market

Thursday, August 9, 2007

For the past 2 weeks, forex has enter the ranging mode. Ive been busy with work since I have a day time job. Merdeka celebration is coming and I am going to be extra busy. Next week I am going to KL.

As for forex, this week is not so good for me. All my technical is correct just that being unlucky sometimes. My position of long GU and GJ both hit SL on the last dip. I can never imagine it can go down that much. Thanks for EG, I manage to cover my lost and made a little profit.

Back to technical analysis, GJ has made it top at 244.06 and there is a reversal sign. GU it seems has not reached it top. There is some room to go before a reversal can be considered. Look for formation of double top and watch out for its strength. Im not going to give signal since I do not have time to trade. If I do enter the market it would be touch and go or thru stop order with sl (which is very difficult to judge).

Happy trading, may profit be with you always.

Forex Review Week 2nd August

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Last week GbpUsd/EurUsd made a last minute break. Next week we should see GbpUsd/EurUsd continue its uptrend. Take long position from now on.

GJ and EJ didn't break it last week. Eventhough it is going down now, we should see 238.40 and 162.00 level are hard to break. If those level break, be prepared for a long downtrend.

Last week is not a good week to trade, there is no real trend as the market is swinging and ranging everwhere. Hopefully next week we should see a real trend and trend traders will make it a good trade.

What Forex Taught Me

Sunday, July 29, 2007

In my 1 year of trading forex I have learnt a lot about forex. There are some qualities that is needed in a traders. From my experience these are some of them:

1. No Ego
Ego is when you dont want to admit that you have made a mistake. In forex, mistakes are common. It is very hard to forecast something that has a lot of factors involve. If you have made a mistake, admit it and turn your position if you see fit. If you dont want to admit your mistakes, you will end up broke

2. The Future is unknown
That is the truth the hard truth. Unless you can see the future like the movie next we are all the same. There are some people with skills that can forecast the movement of forex and make money but the truth is, its too high of a risk. Better to trade based on price action

Forex Review Week 4 July 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

As predicted earlier in Forex Review last week, all according to prediction. EU and GU have hit the price prediction. All JPY pair went straight down from the starting of the week.

Now next week prediction. GbpUsd and EurUsd is at full down force now. Next week we should see it continue to go down. I forecast 2.0185 as the border line for GbpUsd and 1.3627 for EurUsd. If borderline is broken it would swing around it before continue to go down.

As for JPY pair it will continue to fall. Currently at full down but watch out for sign of reversal when it starting to make new high on the 30m chart.

Happy trading all

Forex Trade 28 July 2008

Friday, July 27, 2007

Final trade of the week. All closed now. Time for holiday. Happy trading everyone

Free Forex Signal 26 July 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long EurUsd @ 1.3721 or better
SL = 1.3685
Target = 1.3778, 1.3869

Forex Trade 24 July 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. All 4 position won with a total profit of 145 pips. As for today the market is a bit jumpy and very difficult to judge. Anyway I have open a few live position which is consider to have high probability of profit.

There are live and virtual position. The live have bigger chance of success and I advise to follow only live position. Unfortunately for me, Ive made a mistake in GbpJpy entry. Really stupid when you yourself set the rules and you break it. The result is up to -40 pip and still holding. Hopefully the trade is correct and I will close it maybe tonight.

Not a good day after all. Manage to get +45 pips. The trade was all correct but confident level and SL isnt good. Anyway profit so far for this week up to 190pip

Forex Trade 23 July 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Today is a good day to trade. I still have 2 position open which I will put stop loss later.

Total Trade Closed = +45 pip
Reason Closed = When you trade more than 50% of your capital its called stealing. When you are stealing, take what you can and leave. Dont get caught by the market.

Trade Still Open = +90 pip

Possible trade:

UsdCad is looking good for a long entry @ 1.0430
EurUsd is looking good for a long entry @ 1.3812
UsdJpy is looking to short again? Weird ....

All position closed.

Forex Is About Trading...

The truth is Forex is about trading. It is not something that you can sell. Now lots of people claims to have a good Forex system and selling it over the internet. Where is the logic in that.

Imagine you have a Forex system that consistently giving you wining trades. The probability is so high that you are willing to and have succesfully trade up to 50% of your capital. Because of its high winning ratio, your accout grows more than 100% a month. Would you sell that system or would you just keep it to yourself.

Would you go to the trouble of doing marketing, SEO, website, selling pages and payment processor? Is it easier to just trade it by yourself? Is it worth it to sell something that is a winning system?

In my hands I have a winning system. I am not willing to sell it or even to share it. I am however looking for 2 students whom I will teach the system and let them trade it. If the 2 students make profit, I am sure what I have now is a winner Forex system and it will be my best kept secrets. It will not be written anywhere but inside my head.

The next time you meet someone who claims to have a good Forex system and trying to sell it to you, maybe you can ask him the same question. Why sell it for money when the Forex system itself can generate money for you, lots of it forever.

System Testing

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The whole of last week, I was doing the crazy thing to do in forex market that is going againts the trend. This is coz I am testing my forex system

The result is quite good. Only 1 position loss with a gain of 120 pips. This is for the trade againts the trend only. My follow the trend position is still in trade with average of 200 pip each position.

Hopefully all goes well and this would be my final system for all time. I dont see the need to change it anymore since it is giving signal clearly.

Forex Review Week 3 July 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

JPY pair finish the week at a high. Next week we should see a price correction before we can see another push up or change direction down. Last week all JPY pair momentum is slowing down. At the moment the best position is to short all JPY pair.

GbpUsd and EurUsd finish the week at a high. A correction should happen at the opening of next week. Currently both GU and EU momentum is building up. Taking a short position is considered risky but a correction to 1.3700 for EU and 2.0230 for GU is possible.

A Good Start

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here is a hint to those starting in Forex. Take a good scalping system that you can find in the internet, use that system to trade on longer timeframe like 4hours or daily. If the system is good on short timeframe it would be better on longer timeframe.

You will have yourself a price action system. Which means you dont have to forecast anything. You will trade based on price action and you will have little to no stop loss. Try it

Cari Duit Dengan Forex

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sedar tak sedar hari ini adalah hari yang ke 430 hari aku trade forex dan aku masih disini. Ini adalah satu pencapaian peribadi yang baik buat diri aku kerana aku telah melihat ramai orang trade forex 2-3 bulan bungkus dan balik. Ini kerana forex market adalah tempat yang amat berbahaya kepada harta modal dan wang anda.

Diawal pembabitan aku dalam forex aku sedar, Forex adalah sesuatu yang amat sukar difahami. Kerana 95% orang yang trade forex akan bungkus dan balik dalam 6 bulan pertama. Didunia ini cuma 5% sahaja manusia yang berjaya hidup dengan forex. Persoalannya, dah tau bende alah ni susah kenapa kau pegi susah payah lagi belajar. Jawapannya, yang susah itu adalah satu cabaran buat diriku. Lebih susah lebih aku suka.

Dalam setahun ada 365 hari lebih kurang. Bermakna aku dah trade forex live selama 1 tahun 2 bulan dan 5 hari genap pada hari ini dalam sejarah. Permulaannya aku meletakkan tempoh 2 tahun untuk aku mencipta sistem trade aku sendiri. Nampaknya aku hampa. Tempoh 2 tahun itu tidak tercapai oleh aku. Kerana aku memerlukan 1 tahun 2 bulan saja untuk mencipta sistem forex trading aku sendiri.

Dalam Forex ada 2 jenis market secara am iaitu trending market dan ranging market. Kedua dua market ini memerlukan pendekatan yang berbeza dari segi trade. Kalau trending market kita akan trade mengikut trend dan sekiranya ranging market kita trade pada harga siling dan lantai. Persoalan bilakah market uptrend, downtrend atau ranging? dan sekiranya market ranging dimana siling dan dimana lantai?

Rasanya persoalan itu telah terjawab. Sebenarnya jawapan itu telah ada sejak aku mula trade forex cuma aku tidak perasan. Apapun hasilnya akan dipost disini mulai dari hari ini. Harapnya memuaskan hati.

Free Forex Signal 6 Julai 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

Short Aud/Usd @ 0.8575 or better
SL : 0.8606
Target : 0.8525 and more

Long Usd/Chf @ 1.2146 or better
SL: 1.2105
Target: 1.2210 and more.

If the trade goes well and the 1st target is broken, follow through with trailing SL. Trade at your own risk.

Trade Review 2 July 2007

Monday, July 2, 2007

Last week was a good one. eventhough none of my target hit but my trailing stop loss put me in good profit + some position closed earlier. For this week trade:

Possible trade: (These are early signal with no confirmation yet)

1. short gbp/usd @ 2.0086.

2. short usd/jpy @ 123.42

today and tomorrow im not going to trade since going outstation. Just watch for the 2 trade above.

Trade Review 28 June 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: 246.84
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007)
Note: Huge correction happen. This maybe the final run.

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: 165.93
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007)
Note: Huge correction happen. This maybe the final run.

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464
Stop Loss: 1.3466
Target: 1.3131 (13 July 2007)

Potential Trade:
Eur/Chf last correction broke the trend. Look for long entry on the next low. Possible entry @ 1.6501

Trade Review 27 June 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007)

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: On Your Own
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007)

Short Usd/Jpy @ 123.57 (Screw up entry)
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 122.44 (27 June 2007, 5am)
Closed @ 122.84
Reason: Did not hit target on time.
Update: UJ reached the target but 9 hours late. Position already closed earlier.

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464
Stop Loss: 1.3480
Target: 1.3131 (13 July 2007)

Still working on time calculation. Hope everything hits on time. Btw this is not a trade signal. These are my actual trade.

Trade Review 26 June 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Current position:

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007, 1pm)

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: On Your Own
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007, 9am)

Short Usd/Jpy @ 123.57 (Screw up entry)
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 122.44 (27 June 2007, 5am)

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464 (High Risk = Tight Stop Loss)
Stop Loss: 1.3480
Target: None (Trailing Stop Loss)

Experimental target price and date. time based on gmt+8
For EU short. Forecast target is 1.3130 on the 10th July 2007. Hope it hits

Trade Review 25 Jun 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Status : Closed +50
Note : EJ Uptrend was never broken and i missed the long entry. :)

Short EU @ 1.3431
Status : Closed +49
Reenter Short @ 1.3388
Status : Open +4
Note: Closed -20 and enter long. Now holding EU long + 37

Possible Trade:
Eur/Gbp is looking good for a long entry @ 0.6720 or better
Still good for long.

Aud/Usd is looking good for a short entry @ 0.8470 or better
Note: Never enter the short. Still Uptrend.

New Position:
Long Usd/Jpy @ 123.86 (H1)
SL: 123.63
Target: 124.14

Trade Review 22 Jun 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Status : Closed +50
Note : Waiting for uptrend break to enter short. Else enter long. At the moment possible trend break is at 165.57

Short EU @ 1.3431
Status : Closed +49
Reenter Short @ 1.3388
Status : Open +4
Note: Not looking very good. Hold position with tight stop loss

Possible Trade:
Eur/Gbp is looking good for a long entry @ 0.6720 or better
Aud/Usd is looking good for a short entry @ 0.8470 or better
Gbp at the moment is too strong to short, even when the opportunity is there think twice.

Trade Review 21 Jun 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Entry at 245.40
Status : Closed -20
Reason : GBP is too strong + good news. Currently at 2nd cut and hurt bad. Waiting for final cut to enter.

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Current Price : 165.56
Status : +44

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Entry at 121.70
Status : Closed +50
Note : UJ uptrend is hurt bad. Waiting for final cut to reenter

Short EU @ 1.3431
Current Price : 1.3397
Status : Open +34
Note : EU uptrend is over. Hold EU short

GBP and AUD are strong at the moment. Only trade with final cut. EU is down but EJ is still up. EJ is at 2nd cut. Waiting for final cut to hold post.

Trade Review 20 Jun 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday signal:

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Entry at 245.40
Current price : 245.26
Status : Open +14

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Current price : 165.68
Status : Open +32

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Entry at 121.70
Current price : 123.41
Status : Open +29

Long Aus/Usd @ 0.8425 or better
Entry at 0.8425
Current price : 0.8466
Status : Closed +30

Possible Trade:

Eur/Usd uptrend is still intact but the strength is broken. Last high was at 1.3436. Possible entry for short @ 1.3445

Gbp/Usd has enter the no trade zone. Trend is still up. Strength is still there. Follow with Stop loss. Possible turn at 1.9897

Forex Signal 19 Jun 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Based on 4H chart. Purely technical. Intermediate trend.

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 400 pip
Risk Level : High

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 400 pip
Risk Level : High

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 200 pip
Risk Level : Medium

Long Aus/Usd @ 0.8425 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 120 pip
Risk Level : Low

There is no specific target as I dont know where the price is heading. Adjust stop loss to the lowest/highest value of every pullback/retrace.

UJ strength is broken

From the way i see it. Usd/Jpy strength is broken but the uptrend is still intact. Anyone care for a high risk entry??

Short UJ @ 123.70 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : This is going to be a big one

And before i forget, EurJpy and GbpJpy is riding on the trendline. Not broken yet but if all goes well we will see it broken by tonight. Then we have the usual ranging market before a new trend is born.

Happy trading.

Marketiva Stop Loss Hunting

Monday, June 18, 2007

This is a picture of Eur/Usd 4H chart on Marketiva platform. See the candle in the red circle. It has a long tail down which touch 1.3370. The price move within seconds down and up again. My Stop Loss was set at 1.3373 at that moment and it stopped out. Below is a picture of Eur/Usd 4H from North Finance. As you can see, North Finance did not register the same sudden price move.

If I am not mistaken, this is the forex market where the rates are the same all over the world. So why is it that Marketiva have that sudden price jump and North Finance did not register it at all.

Eventhough I was stopped out but I still get out with 50 pip profit and i did not enter again as the strength of the trend isnt worth it. Btw my target for that trade was 1.3450. To enter the market again for a maximum gain of another 50 pip isnt worth the risk as the trend isnt strong enough. Any of you had the same problem with marketiva?

Busy With Work

Sunday, June 17, 2007

For the past few weeks, ive been bz with work. As a result I wasnt able to concentrate on trading. So far so good, my account is still in profit.I just need another 30% to meet my target for this month which is 100% profit a month. Most of the time I manage to achieve that target but sometimes I failed.

Last friday before I board a plane to Sandakan, I enter a trade long Eur/Usd and at the moment its up 63 pip. Hopefully all goes well and EU will have another rally.

My current position is:

Long Eur/Usd @ 1.3323.
SL 1.3300
Target 1.3400.

Next monday I have to adjust the Stop Loss since it cannot be done on weekend. Btw project 1 hour system has been scrap. It is so difficult to tade using lower timeframe that I have decided to stick to 4H and above.

Happy Trading.

Free Forex Signal

Monday, June 4, 2007

Here goes. Signal based on my new 1 hour system.

Short GU @ 1.9921.
SL 1.9951
Hold till trend end.

This is a high risk trade based on my new 1 hour system.

Forex System Tester Wanted

Saturday, June 2, 2007

For the longest time, ive been trading using 4h and longer time frame becoz its too difficult trading the lower timeframe. Now ive develop a system for 1h and lower timeframe. I need someone to forward test it. Interested email me at

William %R

This oscillator, a version of the stochastics oscillator, was developed by Larry Williams.

Interpretation Mr. Williams indicates that the essence of his trading system is based on interpreting readings of %R. He states that, "Generally speaking, readings below 95% give a buy indication - during bull markets. A reading above 10% gives a sell signal during bear markets." He goes on to say that "the %R index will not work if you insist on acting on the buy signals during a bear market." He emphasizes strongly the need to isolate the dominant trend - whether it is a bull or bear trend. Then he tracks price movements with %R and waits for the signals. (See his book, "How I made One Million Dollars... Last Year... Trading Commodities" by Larry R. Williams.)

To determine the long term trend for commodity or futures markets, Mr. Williams advocates the use of a 10-week moving average. The indicator is now popular in most markets and has proven itself useful with stocks.

Like other momentum indicators, Williams %R is not very useful in a sideways market, or trading range. The market needs to be trending up or down for the signals to be reliable.

Mr. Williams bases his system largely on the use of the following two signals (once again notice that the signal is reliant on the direction of the underlying long-term trend): • Buy when %R hits 90% to 100% and the trend is up.
• Sell when %R hits 10% to 0% and the trend is down.

Some traders use readings below 80% to indicate oversold markets and readings above 20% to indicate overbought markets. These levels can also be used as early warning signals.

In a blow-off market, where prices have undergone a very steep rise, Mr. Williams suggests waiting before responding to %R. For example, he suggests acting on buy signals (assuming the long term trend is up) only after:

1. %R has hit 100%, 2. Five trading days have passed since the 100% reading was hit, and 3. %R again falls below 95%.

Mr. Williams assures us that not all signals will be correct; there are no perfect indices. "Yet," he continues, "%R remains the best timing tool I have ever used for determining overbought and oversold markets."

Williams %R has proven very useful in anticipating market reversals. The indicator almost always forms a peak and turns down a few days before the price peaks and turns down. And vice versa for bottoming markets.

Free Forex Signal 22 May 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Short GJ @ 239.46 or better.
Target @ 238.48, 237.90, hold with daily trend.

Still downtrend. Just take short.

Still downtred. Just take short position but beware EU has nasty swing.

Beware. A retrace or even a change in trend is coming soon. Exit at will and wait for confirmation to go long.

Trade at your own risk.

Accuracy is Luxury

Monday, May 21, 2007

In the land of forex, trend is king. Also here accuracy is a luxury. During early days of trading, some people can see the trade based on their signal but finding the best entry is a bit difficult. After sometime the system will give less signal but higher percentage of winning. Then comes the accuracy. Once you have learn how to get highly accurate entry point you will see what i mean by accuracy is a luxury.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Developed by Donald Lambert, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) was designed to identify cyclical turns in commodities. The assumption behind the indicator is that commodities (or stocks or bonds) move in cycles, with highs and lows coming at periodic intervals. Lambert recommended using 1/3 of a complete cycle (low to low or high to high) as a time frame for the CCI. (Note: Determination of the cycle's length is independent of the CCI.) If the cycle runs 60 days (a low about every 60 days), then a 20-day CCI would be recommended. For the purpose of this example, a 20-day CCI is used.

For scaling purposes, Lambert set the constant at .015 to ensure that approximately 70 to 80 percent of CCI values would fall between -100 and +100. The CCI fluctuates above and below zero. The percentage of CCI values that fall between +100 and -100 will depend on the number of periods used. A shorter CCI will be more volatile with a smaller percentage of values between +100 and -100. Conversely, the more periods used to calculate the CCI, the higher the percentage of values between +100 and -100.

Lambert's trading guidelines for the CCI focused on movements above +100 and below -100 to generate buy and sell signals. Because about 70 to 80 percent of the CCI values are between +100 and -100, a buy or sell signal will be in force only 20 to 30 percent of the time. When the CCI moves above +100, a security is considered to be entering into a strong uptrend and a buy signal is given. The position should be closed when the CCI moves back below +100. When the CCI moves below -100, the security is considered to be in a strong downtrend and a sell signal is given. The position should be closed when the CCI moves back above -100.

Since Lambert's original guidelines, traders have also found the CCI valuable for identifying reversals. The CCI is a versatile indicator capable of producing a wide array of buy and sell signals.

CCI can be used to identify overbought and oversold levels. A security would be deemed oversold when the CCI dips below -100 and overbought when it exceeds +100. From oversold levels, a buy signal might be given when the CCI moves back above -100. From overbought levels, a sell signal might be given when the CCI moved back below +100.
As with most oscillators, divergences can also be applied to increase the robustness of signals. A positive divergence below -100 would increase the robustness of a signal based on a move back above -100. A negative divergence above +100 would increase the robustness of a signal based on a move back below +100.
Trend line breaks can be used to generate signals. Trend lines can be drawn connecting the peaks and troughs. From oversold levels, an advance above -100 and trend line breakout could be considered bullish. From overbought levels, a decline below +100 and a trend line break could be considered bearish.
Traders and investors use the CCI to help identify price reversals, price extremes and trend strength. As with most indicators, the CCI should be used in conjunction with other aspects of technical analysis. CCI fits into the momentum category of oscillators. In addition to momentum, volume indicators and the price chart may also influence a technical assessment.

Marketiva is playing games

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time and time again I have noticed that Marketiva is playing the stop loss hunting game. I have 2 exact trade on Marketiva and Northfinance and Marketiva will always hit Stop Loss. One would expect the difference of spread would be the factor here but consider this. Marketiva will always show difference in price between 2-5 pips compared to North Finance and considering the difference in spread is only 1 pip its ..... better let u people decide. Anyway my trade in Marketiva is small. Just playing it for the egold.

Yesterday position still good for now. Added another short of GJ @ 238.50. Target have changed due to low volume of the market. Below are new targets for today.

EJ target: 162.63, 162.23
UJ Target: 120.10, 119.87
AU Target: 0.8305, 0.8290
GJ Target: 237.80, 237.45

Trade at your own risk.

Free Forex Signal 14 May 2007 6:48pm

Monday, May 14, 2007

Short EJ @ 163.00 or better
SL +30
Target: 162.00, 161.50

Short UJ @ 120.38 or better
SL +30
Target: 119.62, 119.63

Short AU @ 0.8350
SL +30
Target: 0.8290, 0.8250

Trade at your own risk

FXEgypt Forex Contest

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Been busy for this few weeks and dont have time to trade. At the moment my contest account in up by 1k. Hopefully next week onwards I can concentrate on trading. Currently the highest profit maker is up almost 5x and from Malaysia. Wish I can see him trade. He is good. Up 5x in 10 days.

How To Trade The Trend

Monday, May 7, 2007

This is going to be short and simple. The best system is the simplest. Take any of your best indicators, apply them to daily chart. Look for the trend.

Take the same indicators apply them to hourly chart. Based on the daily trend look for entry.

If the daily chart is saying uptrend, use your hourly chart to find long position only. If the daily chart is saying downtrend, use your hourly chart to find short position only.

If the daily chart is saying uptrend and u have a short signal from your hourly chart, you can close your position and take another position when the hourly chart is giving the same signal as the daily chart and vice versa.

Remember forex is not about how smart you are. Its about discipline and money management.

Forex Review: JPY Pair

Friday, May 4, 2007

After an all assault of uptrend, finally Jpy pair are showing sign of slowing down. GJ have shown a short signal and is dropping for these few days. UJ is still climbing but at the moment having difficulty breaking 120.50. If it holds than we should see a big drop in all JPY pair. Anyway all depends on tonight NFP report. If its good then 120.50 will be broken. If its bad then we will see a new trend. Happy trading.

How To Create Your Own Forex System

Monday, April 30, 2007

Everyone must start from scratch in Forex. Some people may have the advantage in certain way but we are all equal in the land of forex.

In the beginning, most of you will try out different system and indicators. This is the process of learning. Some people may have up to 20 indicators on screen but in the end those indicators will be cut down to maybe just 3-5.

This happen because the human brain is the best processor there is. With experience we will learn the behaviour of forex and reduce the need for indicators. I have a few friends that finally develop their own trading system and they are profitable up till today. How do i know they are in profit? That is because they have been trading forex for more than a year now.

In forex there a lot of indicators available on the internet. In order for you to create your own trading system, you must understand that less is more. The less indicators you use the easier it is to trade. Lets start on how I created my own trade system.

Of all the indicators that you have tested, take the best 5 and list them down from the best to the worst. Load all the indicators on screen. Look at how the interect with each other. The best indicator is your main signal. This where your buy or sell decision comes from. Your 2nd best indicator is your filter. 3rd your target entry or exit. 4th trend indicator.

Personally nowdays i need only 1 indicator if im scalping. The most simple system is the best. In order to do long term trade i need a few indicators since finding the best entry point is a bit tricky. Below are the list of indicators im using. Maybe could give you some ideas:

  1. William %R
  2. MACD
  3. EMA
  4. Kijun Sen

Those are my indicators. Only 4 listed from best to worst. Btw William %R is a really good one if you know how to use it. Happy trading

Free Forex Signal 26/04/2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

EU uptrend is still intact but a minor correction is coming.
Short EUR/USD @ 1.3650 or better
Target: 1.3610, 1.3590

EJ uptrend is getting thin. This is the 3rd attempt to break the uptrend. Current wave not broken yet. This is a high risk trade.
Short EUR/JPY @ 161.90 or better
Target: 161.60, 161.20

Forex Market Hours

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kepada mereka yang masih belum tahu, berikut adalah masa pasaran forex dibuka bagi negara-negara diseluruh dunia. Masa ini adalah mengikut masa Malaysia iaitu GMT+8

Sydney - 5 pagi
Japan - 7 pagi
London - 1 Tengahari
New York - 8 Malam

Salah satu cara menggunakan market open adalah kita open trade mengikut trend utama pada masa market open. Contoh pagi ni aku buka 2 position iaitu GBP/JPY dan USD/JPY pada awal pagi. Ini kerana Japan market buka jam 7 pagi seperti biasa market akan aktif pada 2-3 jam diawal pembukaan.

Pada jam 1 tengahhari nanti kita lihat GBP/USD trend utama dan kita open trade. Harapnya market akan laju dan kita boleh tutup trade dalam masa 2-3 jam selepas itu.

Harap korang faham bagaimana menggunakan masa. Demi masa, gunakan ia sebaiknya. Kepada mereka yang ambil trade GJ dan UJ mesti tersenyum sekarang ni. Al maklumlah sudah untung besar.

Sebelum aku terlupa fxegypt akan mengadakan satu pertandingan forex trading. Hadiah utama adalah usd1000. Tarikh tutup adalah sebelum 30 April 2007. Kepada mereka yang ingin bertanding boleh rujuk di

Free Forex Signal 24/04/07

Short GBP/JPY @ 237.30 or better
Stop Lost @ 237.70
Take Profit @ 235.90, 235.00

Short USD/JPY @ 118.60 or better
Stop Lost @ 118.90
Take Profit @ 118.00, 117.65

Trade at your own risk.

Apalah Nak Jadi Dengan Malaysia

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sekarang ni kalau korang perasan barang sumer naik harga. Kat TV cakap ekonomi Malaysia bagus tapi kenapa harga barang sume naik sedangkan pendapatan tak naik. Bukankah itu tandanya ekonomi Malaysia menghadapi inflasi, itulah yang diajar oleh cikgu aku kat skolah dulu.

Kalau kat Singapore diorang sibuk menaikkan gaji, kat Malaysia lak sibuk menaikkan harga barang, naikkan cukai, tambah bilangan pondok tol yang mana harga tol mencatat rekod tak pernah turun seumur hidup aku. Tol ni naik harga tu wajib nak turun harga tak pernah nyer.

Yang peliknya kalau nak dibandingkan Malaysia ngan Singapore memang takde apa pun Singapore tu. Ada pasir ngan laut jer, air minum pun kene beli ngan orang lain tapi kenapa diorang sibuk naik gaji yang kita ni sibuk naik cukai dan lain lain. Kalau duit nak buat mega project memang ada. Kejap timbul sana sini mega projek. Adalak duit tapi duit nak naikkan gaji rakyat takde pulak. Pelik sungguh.

Ini adalah pendapat aku saja. Harapnya takde lah yang nak ambil hati sebab sekarang ni kerajaan Malaysia sedang memerhatikan blog ni sume. Jadi kalau ada komen panas terhadap pemerintah silap hari bulan ada yang masuk kedalam. Apa pun tepuk dada tanya selera. Sendiri mau ingat.

Cari Duit di Internet Berkubur

Akhirnya apa yang dijangka terjadi. Blog Cari Duit di Internet telah berkubur di Dengan itu berkubur jugalah usaha aku selama setahun. Selepas ini semua posting akan dibuat di blog ini yang mana cerita utama dia adalah forex disamping cara buat duit yang lain seperti uptrend, internet marketing, affiliate marketing dan lain lain.

Harapnya aku akan dapat post dimasa depan. betul membuat aku bengang. Kalau difikirkan naik malas dah nak buat blog ni tapi kalau tak buat blog lagi aku tak reti nak buat apa.

Sehingga bertemu lagi dimasa depan.

Salam Kenal

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Salam kenal rekan2 trader di Malaysia. Saya Silva_Gin dari Jakarta.
Saya waktu awal2 belajar forex pernah belajar kepada pakRushdi :D.
Lumayan banyak yang saya pelajari hingga suatu saat saya menggunakan sebuah sistem trading sendiri yang saya peroleh dari hasil eksperiment. Mungkin sistem ini pernah diulas oleh pak Rusdhi yaitu metode silva_gin scalping tehnik :D.
Mudah2an kedepannya saya juga bisa memberi kontribusi berupa signal Forex :D


Cari Duit di Internet. Blog kene suspend

Akhirnya wordpress jawab kenapa blog aku kene suspend. Nampaknya wordpress tidak membenarkan blog komersial dalam server diorang. Bermakna apa saja blog yang bersangkut paut dengan perniagaan akan di gantung tanpa tali.

Jadi kalau korang nak buat blog citer pasal ayam berlari, kambing melompat, kucing terbang sila lah ke wordpress. Kalau nak buat citer forex ke, uptrend ke, jual kereta ke atau apa saja yang akan menjana pendapatan janganlah gatal ke wordpress. Blog aku yang kene gantung tu dapat pagerank no 4 di google. dengan keyword cari duit aku punya blog tu duk kat no 1.

Betul punya buang masa lah. Ingat senang ke nak buat bende tu. Sekarang ni aku fokus kat blogspot jer. Kene lah aku buat balik keje manaik kan ranking blog aku ni.

Free Forex Signal 13 April 2007 1:08pm GMT+8

Friday, April 13, 2007

Usd/Cad 4H

Sekarang di 1.1347 dan menunjukkan tanda dia dah penat nak turun. Walaubagaimanapun trend masih down. Jadi ada masa utk trend itu berubah dan utk kita ambil position. Buat masa ini Ucad mencatatkan harga paling rendah pada 1.1337.

Forex Signal:

Buy Usd/Cad @ 1.1340 or better.

SL pandai sendiri.

TP ikut sehingga diberitahu kelak atau boleh exit bila untung.

Selamat Menorex

Traders Dicipline

Untuk menjadi seorang trader yang berjaya, seseorang perlukan 3 perkara iaitu:

  1. Disiplin
  2. Disiplin
  3. Disiplin

Itu dia 3 perkara yang diperlukan. Mungkin ada yang akan membantah oleh itu mari aku terangkan kenapa. Dalam forex seseorang perlu konsisten. Maksudnya dia akan buat bende yang sama pada masa dan keadaan yang sama berulang kali. Malangnya pada orang baru, dia masih belum faham dan mereka buat sesuka hati bila bila masa.

Lagi satu contoh, seorang trader yang berjaya mengajar korang bagaimana dia trade. Walaupun korang menggunakan sistem yang sama, belum tentu lagi korang boleh buat untung. Sebab trader yang berjaya mempunyai tahap disiplin yang tinggi. Dia tidak akan masuk trade selagi semua syarat masih belum dipenuhi.

Signal Forex:

Short GJ @ 235.71 or better. SL pandai sendiri.

Short UJ @ 119.21 or better. SL pandai sendiri Blog Suspended

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All of my blog have been suspended and they dont give me a reason why. They do not answer my email. Shit.

Below are the list of my blog at

  1. (This blog is ranked no.1 in google)
  2. (This blog 1st page on google)
  3. (My latest blog to sell used cars)

For information, I am setting up a new blog for uptrend. The url is

Hopefully would allow me to log in so that I can transfer all the entry that my brother made to the new blog. Its a lot of work and thanks to, its getting a lot harder.

Kepada anda yang tak reti English, mintak maaf. Nanti aku akan maklumkan blog cariduit baru aku. Penat giler nak taip sume tu. ni betul mangkuk hayun lah. Kepada En. Ponzi, boleh kita jumpa ke?

Free Forex Signal 30/03/2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

GJ is currently going to shitf from uptrend to downtrend. Currently at 2nd swing. Hopefully this swing will be the last before a new trend emerge. Possible entry for GJ:

Short GJ @ 231.65 or better
Possible ceiling for GJ is @ 232.35
Entry window = 231.65 - 232.35
Stop Loss: Own your own.

Possible entry for EJ:
Short EJ @ 157.43 or better
Possible ceiling @ 157.55
Entry window = 157.43 - 157.55
Stop Loss: Own your own

GU is not in full swing mode for the past 8 days. Uptrend already broken but currently refuse to go down. Most probably it will go down but there is a possibility that it will gain momentum after the drop to create another uptrend. Trade with care. Possible entry:
Short GU @ 1.9646
Possible ceiling @ 1.9733
Entry window = 1.9646 - 1.9733
Btw, it looks like GU is going to swing up one more time before finally going down. Watch out.

This is a difficult one since Euro is getting strong lately. If EU is going down it will not be by that much compare to GU. Possible entry:
Short EU @ 1.3347 or better
Possible ceiling @ 1.3378
Entry window = 1.3347 - 1.3378

Happy trading. I cannot be held responsible for any loss.

Long Time No Post

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Been busy and trading system going thru minor change. Hopefully I have time in the future to post signal. Still looking for easier way to post forex signal. Any idea??

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