Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Been a while since I post here. In the mean time I'm just slowly trading. Most of the time, I'm on weekly trades but sometimes I just need to scan and trade within a short time. If you need to make a quick trade, I suggest you keep on reading.Most of the time I trade the 4 hour charts or weekly charts. These trades could last for weeks sometimes even months. I do however trade those short term trade from time to time. Rules is simple. Buy when the price is going up and sell when its going down. Only 1 rule, I dont think its too hard to follow.

From the chart we can see EG price is below 0.86. The idea is to trade long but I dont want to become a zombie and wait for it to go up. Put a buy order at 0.8600 with TP at 0.8700. If the price goes up it will hit the buy order and hopefully will continue to rise up. You may asked, why buy when the price is in general going down. The answer is the last 2 step is a price increase. I don't know why but mostly forex starts with number 2. It need 2 spike up and 2 new high price to be consider a trade. If the price continue to go down it wont hit the buy order. Best of luck.

After twice hitting 0.8640 and never made it above price have now fallen below MA55. All post exit. This trade plan isnt working. This thing is going down.

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