Forex Signal 20 November 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Long time since I posted a signal. Been quiet bz with office work. Its a blessing actually to be in the office, coz I can trade while doing my office work.

Lately time doesnt allow me to take short term trade, as a result I revert back to my old system using 4H TF but with add on from my short term system. Result is very impressive.

Here goes for the signal, but before you take it seriously I must warn you to use SL appropriately. Losses are unavoidable in forex, the only thing that kept me alive this long in this hazardous market is maintaining small losses while taking big gain.

On the short term side (30m) GJ is still a short trade but slowly it has turned to long trade on 4H chart. Sooner or later GJ will have to go long due to intermediate buying pressure but be warned, GJ is an all time short market in long term period. Advise is to take the long and get out while you are in profit coz in the long run GJ will take a dive to the unknown.

Long Gbp/Jpy @ 224.76 or better
SL is on your own but calculation of lowest value somewhere 224.24
Your entry window should be from 224.76 - 224.24
TP 227.10, 234.90, 240.40

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