Free Forex Signal 5/10/2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

For yesterday trade EU and UJ ended up in profit indeed becoz both the pair tends to move towards the given signal. Hope those that follow the signal got out with profit coz there are a lot of swing going around.

For this morning, my charts are giving these signals:

1. Gbp/Usd
Short Gbp/Usd @ 2.0392 or better
SL on your own
TP 2.0370, 2.0352, 2.0334, 2.0277 and more

2. Gbp/Jpy
Short Gbp/Jpy @ 237.42 or better
SL on your own
TP 237.18, 236.98, 236.78, 236.14 and more
Word of caution, GJ is a pair that swings alot. You will have to stand lots of negatif pips at time before making it actual move. I prefer not to trade GJ

At the time being EU and UJ still gives the same signal as yesterday. I decided to close position

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