How The Market Move

Monday, September 3, 2007

After looking at charts for over 1 year now, I have made a conclusion on how the market move. It may differ from other people point of view but at least this is how I made profit or loss in Forex Market.

The Market generally move once or the most twice a day. That is how much Forex market move. There is no point on being stuck in front of the pc the whole day since it will only move once. If you dont belive me look at any pair in timeframe 1 hour or less. Forex doesnt move in straight line but it has a tendency of moving to a particular direction in a zig zag motion.

The idea is to develop a system or set of indicators that will give you an entry early enough for you to profit when the market makes its move. There is no way you can tell the move before its moving. The price must move at least a little to a particular direction before you signal is triggered. Then you enter the market and take the remaining move.

The system must only give you signal once a day or twice the most. Because its a daily trade dont expect much. Sometimes condition are bad even 5 pip is enough. You must remember that if you are trading less than 1 billion you are small fish in the sea. Take what you need and leave or else get eaten by the big fish.

In developing the system that will take advantage of Forex movement characteristic, I sense that I have succeeded. I have a system that will give signal only once a day or twice the most. Like most Forex system in the world, there are difficulty finding the right entry and exit point. An entry and exit that will give you the most out of the move before it will retrace.

In the end, its about how and when you enter. There are no room for mistakes here since mistakes are costly. From the very 1st trade you make till the last trade, the risks are all the same. Experience is an advantage but its not an insurance. Once everything turns bad, there is no saving you.

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