Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about EG connection. Guess what, I took the whole EG drop and run away with it. Right now all live post on EG is closed, profit in the bag :).

I was so confident on EG drop I was betting 50% of my capital on it on 1 post only. Quiet a risk and really worth it. I feel like I just won a horse race :))

EU still up there and there is a killer spike up to 1.3537. Atm I on sideline watching for opportunity.

Fing lol email me on your progress. Really like to hear how you are doing.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is a homework for some of you. Your task is to find the connection between EurGbp with Eur pairs (EurUsd, EurJpy) and Gbp (GbpUsd, GbpJpy) pairs. You can post in comments about your findings so that we can discuss. Discussion is always a good learning method since you are required to think and not spoon fed.

EURUSD has finally reached its top. Entry point for me is between 1.3450 - 1.3500. You can find a suitable entry point or wait for the pair to really go down and take your entry. At the moment that entry is still a high risk entry. I am giving an early heads up so you guys can prepare.

Btw dont post link or whatever you want to promote in comments. I will not allow it and there is no such thing as 100% accurate forex signal. When are you guys gonna get it. There is no such thing as 100% in life.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I think I will give chart analysis from now on. Its easier to do and easier for you guys to get confused :). First up is EurUsd. Not very hard to trade actually once you know the direction.

Ok lets go to the confusing part. That is the charts.

There you go. Weekly chart for starters. Can any of you guess which way is EU going? From the looks of it, EU is really going down and its a fast one. Easy isn't it?

Next chart please. 1 chart isn't going to get anyone confused.

Next is the Daily chart. Guess what, daily is also pointing down but at the moment it is in oversold position. CCI is way down there and making a U turn. Expect correction at daily level. So far 2 charts says EU down with a correction coming.

Another chart. Anyone confused yet???

This is the hourly chart. We can see where the correction is. Its really climbing now. So before anyone get anymore confuse I would say wait for the hourly chart to point down then you sell. Plan for the worse hope for the best. Keep your money management tight and you may survive the storm.

Btw dont sell EU yet. That sell line is for me to mark S&R. If EU do go down next target is 1.30 and 1.25 based on S&R on weekly chart.

Now the question is, how long do we have to wait before selling EU. The answer is I dont know. Just wait and see. It is what Forex is. Anyone here still confused?? I do :)

Why Forex Trading is not the other?

1. If the money saved in local banks, small banks and interest according to the islam illegally, but safely.
2. If the funds in bank sharie, revenue sharing is not so great, but safe and legal.
3. If the funds invested in property (land or house), a substantial annual profit, but it was difficult to remove them or sell them if there is an urgent need.
4. If the fund stood or stored in vaults (such as praise), not going to grow and not safe.
5. If the fund invested in equities or indices, an important benefit, but the risk is very high losses for the moment.
6. If the funds are used to open a store or even a company store, take time to care for even one day weekend to go because at that time to reach a definite advantage and must be on time full.
7. If the fund has invested in the Forex, the substantial profit from the bank, we are safe because the funds are guaranteed broker and is not affected because the crisis could be one of two channels (can sell and buy directly).

What Forex Investment Risk does not contain?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1. Forex Trading Risks Remain container, but the risk can be minimized, so that the serious and professional investors. (Investment without risk is a big lie).
2. Forex Trading are not how fortune in a split second. It takes patience, confidence and mental.
3. Need Forex Trading Financial Capital, an investment, because it's not free, not MLM, not a money game, nor a powerful business formula (which ebooknya Many items sold on the internet).
4. Forex Trading must have a desire to continue learning and the ability to make responsible decisions.
5. Forex Trading offers the opportunity for anyone to participate in the Forex market that took place 24 hours a day 5 days per week (Monday-Friday

Things of currency trading is not allowed in the rupture

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1. Management Psychology (Psychology Trading): The mind and heart must be clear, should not be greedy.
2. Managing Money (Money Management): As soon as possible to lock the profit and loss reduced if the courageous stand taken contrary to the trend.
3. Discipline in the system (the Trust for the system): Also compatible with the method or usual trading system that we use, never give up.
4. Never, never stop learning, information, explore the system, and so do not hesitate to ask questions or seek help from a specialist (Master).

What is Forex?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foreign exchange market is also called "FOREX" or "Forex" or "Retail forex" or "FX" or "Spot FX" or simply referred to as "Spot" is the largest financial market in the world with a trading volume of over 4 billion dollars a day. If we compare this amount to 25 billion dollars a day trading volume on trade in New York Stock Exchange, then you can easily see how it changes. This could mean that the Forex is more than three times the total number of combinations of stocks and futures markets!

What is marketed in the forex market?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is simply money. Forex Trading is one of the activities of buying and selling currencies currencies simultaneously. The currency traded through a broker or dealer and traded in pairs, for example the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) or the pound sterling and Japanese yen (GBP / JPY).

This trade could be a headache because you do not buy goods that are physically visible. Imagine that you are buying a currency as buying shares in a country. When you buy, for example, the Japanese yen, then you want to buy shares in Japan's economy, where exchange rates are a direct reflection of what the market thinks of the economic situation in Japan today and tomorrow.


You can actually tell if someone is new in Forex by the way they count their pips or profit. When people starts forex they count pips. They can have hundreds of pips a day and yet their profit is low. This is due to the low risk reward ratio they have taken.

Once you are older in Forex, you will see the ratio. No point of taking hundreds of pips when the profit is low. So you start to take high risk high return trade. These trades do not give you high pips but the profit margin is high.

That is how money is to be made in Forex. You actually manage your risk and take profit from it. For today as of now, I already taken 3 trades. 2 profit trades and 1 lost trade. My account grows 37%. Not bad for a slow Monday.

For the answer to Forex, once you know it you will feel helpless. No matter how smart or brilliant you are it counts for absolutely nothing here. I have Banking and IT qualification. Did that help me? 2 different qualification did not help me one bit here. Made me want to cry when I found it out.

Hunt pips but count profit. Good Luck

About Forex

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unlike other financial markets like the NYSE, there is no physical location or central administration of the Forex market. Called Forex Market Over-the-Counter (OTC) market or interbank, because the overall market managed by electronic systems, a network of banks, which lasted continuously for 24 hours.

Until the end of 1990, only "some people just Ornager, who can play on the Forex. The initial funds required for exchange is ten to fifty million dollars! Forex was originally intended for the baker and large institutions - and not the "little people", we dark. But with the development of the Internet, firms can be online Forex Trading Account Forex provides traders with small shops like us now.

Everything you need to start a computer, Internet connection, and the information contained in this blog.

Spot market is real?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spot market is a market transaction prices of financial instruments currently.

Spot market is a market transaction prices of financial instruments currently.

When a currency can be traded?

Friday, March 19, 2010

FX spot market is a very unique market. It's like a Super Wal-Mart is open 24 hours a day. Each time, somewhere in the world happened to financial resources, exchange occurs every hour day and night on the banks and other financial institutions.


EurGbp is going up so those of you who have the guts do buy EG at every dip refer to chart 1H or lower to view.

I got lots of email and calls asking me about the secret of forex and how to trade. What if I tell you the answer is not as u expected it to be. Some people even rejected the answer when I told them.

I dont blame them. When I found the answer I feel like Im going to cry. Its hard to accept something the logical mind cannot understand. In the mean time, take it slow and enjoy the ride.

People say seeing is believing. 2 post already TP. Another 1 more for weeks to come. Forgot to mention. Possible retrace at the price in the picture. So TP at will reentry on next low.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

AU manage to hold its level when both EU and GU fall down dramatically. Do look at the daily chart to see what I mean.

Some of your might not understand what it means and so do I :) Dont worry, the longer you are in Forex the more info you will filter out. This is coz some things are not worth understanding.

The reason I am pointing this out is when a pair is making a stand like AU, you can actually use it to your advantage. Advantages such as:

1. The next time AU decide to fall down there is a high probability the EU and GU will crash but there is a limit to everything.

2. The next time EU and GU start to climb, AU will fly.

Keep that in mind coz I do. I am waiting for the AU to fall or fly.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you ever been lost in Forex? Some of you might be thinking, how do i get lost in forex?? Let me ask another question. Have you ever open a trade in one direction, after some time open a trade in the opposite direction?

Im sure that happens to all of us, myself included :). That is lost in Forex, where we are unsure of direction of trade. Some people even hedge in the situation.

I have a few tips when you are lost in Forex.

1. If you are lost and dont know which direction to trade, the most important thing is to stop trading and do something else. Go plant a tree or play games. Dont even look at the charts anymore to avoid confusion.

2. Is to take a trading system and put it on multiple time frame. I trade using the same system on 3 timeframe. 15m, 1h, daily. When all three is pointing at the same direction then I trade. If 2 timeframe is pointing at the same direction then i scalp.

3. After sometime, your brain will start to imprint patterns of Forex. Forex has the same pattern over and over again. In our mind, that pattern has been imprinted and it influence our decision making subconsciously. Once you reach that state you will rarely get lost in Forex. You will know the exact time to trade or to get lost (do something else).

I will try to update this blog. Been so long and so busy with new place. As for Forex, USD pairs are going nowhere at the moment with a high probability to go down further. Good luck on your hunt for pips

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