Forex Trading Made Easy

Monday, December 31, 2007

Are you kidding me? Forex trading isn't easy, it's about as risky a financial endeavor as you can legally participate in.Wait, let me rephrase that... foreign exchange trading is easy, success isn't. Yeah, that's right, that's my tag line. It's true.If you are looking for the easy button, here are some platitudes for you:Buy low and sell high.Have inside access to national economic

Unplanned Forex Setback

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, things have gone poorly just lately. Not because of anything that I've been responsible for, but because I was the recipient of an "insufficient funds" check. As the money I was planning to use over the holiday period was rudely removed from my account I was forced to withdraw a large portion of my Forex account.I'm quite peeved!Especially since I had some good in-profit positions

US Durable Goods / Jobless Claims

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The numbers came out weak this morning.While it appears to have caused some initial softness, I think we should keep in mind that a weak US economy gives the Fed additional room to lower interest rates without fears of inflation.So, personally, I might consider buying into weakness...

AUDJPY With Bollinger Bands

Lately I've been trading the AUDJPY using only an EMA (exponential moving average) and SMA (simple moving average). The theory is that when the price is below these averages it will at some point return above it. This is generally true, even during a downturn, but especially so during an upturn.I have been seeing some success with this, but it does have me hanging onto losers for some period of

AUDJPY Overnight Upswing

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cool.I'd been getting into the AUDJPY pair during most of the week. Now, most of my small nibbles have been taken out on the way up, at a profit, while I've sunk some larger carry positions about 120 pips below the current price.I like that!Anyway, as you know, it's very hard and dangerous to bottom pick, but if you don't mind accumulating some (manageable) risk, then you can (hopefully)

Timing Market Entry

I've noticed that the Forex markets move both fast and slow.If you are busy sinking money into some carry positions, the market might suddenly decide to go sideways, or perhaps down, for the next week. So, you go underwater and don't get to lighten your load on subsequent upswings.However, if you are light in the market, a piece of news will drop and leave your jaw on the floor as you miss out

Theoretical Investment Strategy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I like to think about things, twist them around, and come up with theories.It strikes me, that as long as a market continues to move up and down, such as the AUDJPY, that every time you take a position, you are guaranteed a profitable exit if you are able to wait long enough.This leads to some interesting theoretical strategies if you are using a trading platform that doesn't penalize you in any

Overnight Trading

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As I live in the eastern timezone, I get to trade overnight prior to the NY trading session on the next day.Last night I was able to settle some AUDJPY positions around 96.7, 96.8 or so. At the moment these are nicely profitable while the DOW futures are simultaneously positive.As far as I can tell, the US trading day pushes around the AUDJPY based on stock market movements. By this, I mean

When You Understand....

Monday, December 17, 2007

It seems that there is a behaviour in all of us. If we do not understand, we will study it. Thats how knowledge begins. We study in order to understand things that are unclear and unknown to us but what happen when we started to understand it?

Once we know how something works, we will not see it as a challenge. For those people that love challenge, they will lose interest. This is because it is no longer something to go after. You already have the answers and started looking somewhere else for new challenges. In the end such people will not accumulate wealth but he will gain knowledge. Knowledge in the end is what matters.

Last week I lose in Forex trading. I will update screenshot when I have the time. It seems to me that I am starting to lose interest in Forex for the above reason. For other reason I will not be trading forex till start of next year. Holiday season is coming, Im going home for a long vacation and forex has started to lose it appeal.

Those of you still struggling to understand it, keep up the work. Its a feeling undescribe by mere words once you have found the answer. At the time of writing we are seeing major turn on 3 pairs which are EurUsd, UsdChf and UsdJpy. Chrismast is coming and it would be a waste of time to trade now. Let us hope a new year wil bring new fortune to us all. Happy holidays everyone.

Income masyuk

Bayangkan kalau anda mendapat income sebegini dibayar setiap minggu. Amacam? tak melompat cam beruk ke?

SMS misteri dari seseorang yang tidak dikenali

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Isinya berbunyi begini:

Kalau saya jadi airmata,
Saya ingin lahir dari matamu, hidup dipipi mu dan mati di bibirmu
tapi kalau awak jadi airmata,saya tidak akan menangis
kerana saya tidak mahu kehilanganmu

begitu bermakna dari seseorang yang tidak dikenali.

Forex lak. minggu ni rugi. Nasib baik bisness lain masyuk banyak :)

Weekend Forex Thoughts

Although it is the weekend, I can't help but think about trading.One of the things I've noticed recently is that the EURTRY pair is much less influenced by Wall Street. The DOW is flying all over the place, dragging the AUDJPY and related pairs up and down the charts, while the EURTRY drifts sedately instead.However, a caution, the EURTRY has historically had some very violent and large moves

AUDJPY Reversals

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow, what a roller coaster!Yesterday saw a massive downturn, followed by this morning's upturn... and then a slow fade back down during the day.I'm happy to report I was able to recoup my losses from yesterday on the upturn, and then incredibly was lucky enough to unload near the peak. Sweet.As you might understand, I'm a little nervous about committing capital to the market at this point.

Recent Non-Success

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's fed announcement caught me with an unprotected position. Needless to say, as the floor dropped out of the AUDJPY market, I was given a bit of an unpleasant ride.However, I didn't blow up my account, so hopefully things will settle down and drift towards "the middle" so I can get out without too much pain.

Free Forex Signal 11 December 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here goes. What ever you do. Remember to put SL. SL is based on your guts. No guts no glory. Too much guts you will be dead.

Long Eur/Usd @ 1.4620 or better
TP 1.4870

Short Usd/Chf @ 1.1320 or better
TP 1.1060

At the moment all jpy pair is at the height of its momentum. Entry is not adviseable. Wait for it to turn then a fresh entry will be available. I lost much on JPY pair this week due to miss calculation. At the moment my account is down by more than 2k. I will post result at the end of the week.

Mixed week

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mixed week so far. GBP rate cut really messed things up. Things are really looking good for a Gbp correction where the rate cut made the correction very small and no clear market direction.

At the moment i am holding a lot of losing position hoping the market will turn back. At the same time doing hedging to cover the losing position. Hopefully next week all goes well and I manage to recover. If things do not go my way, then I will have to accept losses. Losses happen in forex and it happen a lot. Prepare for the inevitable.

Langit Tak Selalu Cerah

Friday, December 7, 2007

Forex telah digembar gemburkan sebagai satu jalan utk kehidupan mewah. Ianya kelihatan begitu anggun seperti sesuatu yang mudah dan jelas. Hakikatnya ianya tidak begitu.

Jangan sekali kali menganggap Forex adalah jalan utk mencapai kekayaan. Ianya mampu memberi pendapatan yang lumayan tetapi tidak utk mencapai kekayaan. Fakta, 10 manusia terkaya didunia tidak seorang pun dari mereka mencapai tahap kekayaan dengan forex. Malah kalau ada yang rajin, boleh kaji 100 orang terkaya didunia dan berapa ramai dari mereka kaya dengan Forex. Jawapan mungkin tidak ada seorang pun mencapai kekayaan dengan forex.

Ini kerana dalam forex langit tidak selalu cerah tapi malangnya laut sentiasa bergelora. Cabaran yang tinggi perlu dihadapi sebelum seseorang boleh hidup dilautan forex.

Nasihat ini telah banyak kali aku berikan kepada orang yang memerlukan. Kalau ingin jadi kaya, kita perlu mempunyai berbagai sumber pendapatan. Periuk nasi perlu ada lebih dari satu. Barulah boleh mencapai kekayaan, itupun kalau kekayaan yang diharapkan.

Secara ikhlasnya aku bermula dengan forex bukan kerana duit tapi kerana ilmu. Dalam dunia cuma 5% saja manusia mampu hidup sepenuhnya dengan trading forex. Kalau aku mampu tergolong dalam umat manusia 5% itu, maka aku akan jadi golongan manusia terbilang. Mudah saja cita cita aku.

Busy Week

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Last week I just traded for only one day. Then Im off to Tawau for a holiday. My one and only trading day last week ended up in profit. This week I started trading today. Hopefully by end of this week I can post another trading result.

At the moment EU is looking good for a big dive. GJ is currently doing a correction before it continue its dive hopefully.

Good trading for all of you out there since today is a good day for me coz I am in profit now :D

Recent Success

Monday, December 3, 2007

Well, it has been a few days since then, so I can't remember the full details, but I was able to catch an up-trend with a significant amount of my net asset value slipped in.Basically, when an initial foray is in-profit, I'm ready to put in more when the trend seems apparent and things are acting rationally. So, after a few ups and downs, perhaps within an up trend, I could have accumulated

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