My new bracelet

Monday, October 8, 2007

There are certain things sometimes that you bought and you immediately know its a good thing. Things that you like/love and would like to show it to people. Its not show off just that to share with people about things that you find good.

I just bought a new bracelet. It cost RM890. Its made of Tungsten Carbide. Its big, heavy and all shiny. It is soo shiny, it looks like glass yet it is metal.

This picture is taken with my mobile phone as my digital camera is at my home in KL. It actually look much more impressive than what is in the picture. It is shiny, it is catching and bouncing light from all angle. I really like it when I walk out in public and people are starring at my bracelet. Its not gold, nor it silver but it is shinning a lot more than gold or silver.

Anyone of you would like to see more headover at this website. Maybe you will find a pattern that you like. :)

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