When You Understand....

Monday, December 17, 2007

It seems that there is a behaviour in all of us. If we do not understand, we will study it. Thats how knowledge begins. We study in order to understand things that are unclear and unknown to us but what happen when we started to understand it?

Once we know how something works, we will not see it as a challenge. For those people that love challenge, they will lose interest. This is because it is no longer something to go after. You already have the answers and started looking somewhere else for new challenges. In the end such people will not accumulate wealth but he will gain knowledge. Knowledge in the end is what matters.

Last week I lose in Forex trading. I will update screenshot when I have the time. It seems to me that I am starting to lose interest in Forex for the above reason. For other reason I will not be trading forex till start of next year. Holiday season is coming, Im going home for a long vacation and forex has started to lose it appeal.

Those of you still struggling to understand it, keep up the work. Its a feeling undescribe by mere words once you have found the answer. At the time of writing we are seeing major turn on 3 pairs which are EurUsd, UsdChf and UsdJpy. Chrismast is coming and it would be a waste of time to trade now. Let us hope a new year wil bring new fortune to us all. Happy holidays everyone.

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