Free Forex Signal 30/03/2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

GJ is currently going to shitf from uptrend to downtrend. Currently at 2nd swing. Hopefully this swing will be the last before a new trend emerge. Possible entry for GJ:

Short GJ @ 231.65 or better
Possible ceiling for GJ is @ 232.35
Entry window = 231.65 - 232.35
Stop Loss: Own your own.

Possible entry for EJ:
Short EJ @ 157.43 or better
Possible ceiling @ 157.55
Entry window = 157.43 - 157.55
Stop Loss: Own your own

GU is not in full swing mode for the past 8 days. Uptrend already broken but currently refuse to go down. Most probably it will go down but there is a possibility that it will gain momentum after the drop to create another uptrend. Trade with care. Possible entry:
Short GU @ 1.9646
Possible ceiling @ 1.9733
Entry window = 1.9646 - 1.9733
Btw, it looks like GU is going to swing up one more time before finally going down. Watch out.

This is a difficult one since Euro is getting strong lately. If EU is going down it will not be by that much compare to GU. Possible entry:
Short EU @ 1.3347 or better
Possible ceiling @ 1.3378
Entry window = 1.3347 - 1.3378

Happy trading. I cannot be held responsible for any loss.

Long Time No Post

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Been busy and trading system going thru minor change. Hopefully I have time in the future to post signal. Still looking for easier way to post forex signal. Any idea??

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