Trade Of The Day

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For today I will choose a slower pair to trade. It is my opinion that NZD/USD is a good pair to short. Based on grid trading, if anyone is reading the signal should be:

short NZD/USD @ 0.8065 or better
Stop loss @ 0.8090 (Minimum)
Take profit at each of the grid lines.

Btw that is my full trading chart. By the end of the lesson you will get ideas how to combine every trading method from each indicators and grid. Its not the system, its the people who use it.

Anyone here got the GJ drop?? I do :D


After a drop off over 200 pips it is my opinion to exit and stay aside. It is now beginning of a new month and first friday of the month holds too much surprise, too much for me anyway. As of now, I have exited all my position and plan to stay aside. If I do enter the market it would be based on RSI swing strategy. Fast in fast out, take what ever you can and stay out.

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