Market Preview Week 1 April

Sunday, March 30, 2008

NzdUsd last week made a last minute drop. The drop was expected but the time it took to move is unexpected. Next week should be a clear direction to some pairs. I will post direction of pairs so that you can make your trade easier

Last minute drop, at the moment its in downtrend mode. Still have some room to go down. Short NzdUsd based on candle stick pattern

This is a slow and steady moving pair. At the moment on thin uptrend. Long UsdChf based on candlestick and grid lines. Do you know that if you monitor UsdChf you can actually catch EurUsd, GbpUsd, AudUsd and NzdUsd trade by going the opposite way.

Last minute drop last week has actually turned EJ from uptrend to downtrend. At the moment I got a short signal and based on grid it would be short @ 157.20 or better.

Good Luck and remember always trade to the direction of trend.

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