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Sunday, March 2, 2008

This is a different topic, but it is one of my hobby. Its about cars.

Basically cars need 3 things to move that is fire, air and fuel. This 3 things combine gives the car power to move. If you want to optimize the car efficiency you need to work with this 3 things mainly.

When we talk about fire, the electrical system, fire from the spark plug is the element that make the fire. It must be working at its peek for the car to feel good.

For air is anything that requires air to move, exhaust system, air in the combustion chamber, air filter, tyre pressure etc.

Fuel, is petrol or diesel in the tank that feed into the engine.

Of all the 3 parts, fuel is the hardest part to optimize. We can always use bigger or better injector but the result is not very good in terms of fuel economy.

A car that is optimize should be powerfull and fuel economy at the same time.

Recently I found a device that optimize the fuel. Logically its a hard thing to do. Fuel in form of liquid and it optimize the fuel and maximize the burning process resulting in increase power and fuel economy.

I was sceptical at first but I bought it anyway. No harm trying with price tag of RM250.00. Put in on my car.

Test Subject:
The test subject is a small car. A kancil fitted with Daihatsu L2S engine. 660cc turbo charger automatic. This baby is so small and lightweight yet has so much power. It can go head to head with the latest honda civic 1.8 on drag race.

An old car with 4-AGE engine. The latest engine from the 4AG family of toyota. 1.6cc, extremely powerfull and super responsive compared to older version

Waja with 1.6cc engine automatic. One of the best Proton ever built. Engine power and road handling equivalent to many european cars. It is based on Lotus technology anyway. No surprise.

The Spec:
Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Turbo EFI 12 Valve Limited Edition L200S:
Engine ID : EF-JL
Engine Model : FMPX-S2(L200S)
Engine Type : Water Cooled,4 Stroke,Inline 3,SOHC 12 Valve Turbocharger,3 Cylinder
Bore x Stroke : Same
Fuel System : Multi-Point EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection) with ECU(Electronic Computerised Units)
Cubic : 659cc
Torque : 10.9kg at 3,600rpm
Hp : 64 at 6,400rpm
Boost Pressure : 0.8bar
Top Speed : 170km/h to 180km/h
Weight : 750kg
Spark Plags : Nippon Denso = QL22TR-S or NGK = BCPR7EKD
Turbocharger : IHI Turbocharger
Average Fuel Consumption: 6km/RM1

Test Result:
After installing the fuel saver. 1st tank of fuel gave me 7.4km/RM1. Thats a savings of about 12.3%. Not a big number but I must tell you, throttle respond is fast. Its like a cheetah waiting to be unleashed. Everytime I push the throttle, the car just jump away. Maybe thats why I dont have good fuel economy, I was driving like a maniac.

Btw I forgot to mention. The spec upthere is the standard spec. After a few modification, the car is transform from a car for grandmother to a racing car. 0-100kmh in less than 10 seconds.

I will update on the other 2 cars later. At the moment Im still crazy with the throthle respond and jumping away everytime I wanted.


All cars reported to have increase in HP. Fuel savings is at minimum ranging from 10% - 30% but the power increase is enough to justify the price. For RM250 there is a huge upgrade to vehicle power. Do you like it if your car can do 0 - 100 in 10 seconds. I love every second of it.

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