Back to Basic

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In anything we do, when it comes to problem solving. We must go back to basic. We must understand the basic and solve the problem from basic and improvise in between.

When it comes to forex, we must do the same. Forex nowadays have become so complicated with advance platform, charting and indicators. We can easily become lost in all of that.

In order to understand it, we must look at it in the simplest way possible. Use the basic at it full extend and only after that we can advance to the next level.

In this few weeks I am going to post a simple system consisting of basic chart with no indicator at all. Only after we understand the basic will we add on indicators to improve the accuracy of trading. In the end we will have a few system combine into 1.

No matter how good a system is, it will all goes down to the trader. In order to learn something new, we must first change our self. It is by far the hardest part to do. It is where most traders fail.

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