Saturday, April 3, 2010

A mechanic has many tools. Each tools with its own usage and purpose. It is only down to intelligence and creativity that separates a good mechanic and a bad one.

Like a mechanic, a trader has many tools as well. Each indicator is a tool for the trader and a combination set of tools with rules is a trading system. A good trader has not 1 but many system. Each system has different purpose. It is down to knowledge and creativity that separates a good trader and a bad one apart from portfolio.

The best time frame to trade is the lower time frame but due to noise and spikes it is difficult to trade using lower timeframe. It is the reason why most trades fail in short time frame.

EurUsd has been ranging for the past few days and due to it, has hit my stop loss twice. Being a trend trader myself, I just cannot trade during these ranging period. So I stopped trading and try to make a new trading system using lower time frame to catch these ranging market.

It seems with a new set of tools (not new actually, had not used them for a while), I have manage to create an almost perfect trading system for all time frame but with the target of 15m chart. The only thing that this new system doesnt show is when not to trade which i made up with a new set of rules.

If any of you would like to try the new trading system please leave your email. I will try to get back to you ASAP.

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