Thursday, April 22, 2010

1,447 days ago I started to step in the world of Forex. 6th May 2006 is the day I registered my 1st demo account and its a Saturday. Through out my journey in Forex, there are no actual manual, text or books that I can really refer to. Its like an unexplored land with no maps what so ever. There are only guides available online with no one giving specific answer.

Though hard it may be I started to develop my own system and continue to improve on that system. No matter how I try to improve it, there is still something missing. After a long and hard work I finally got the answer. It is an answer that I wasn't willing to accept. So I disappeared for almost 1 year though my part of moving places only took 1 month to settle.

Now I am back trading with the answer in my head thus a new direction in my sight. Turns out it is really easy once you have the right answer. You know the question as well as I do. "WHAT IS FOREX".

I believe my learning period in Forex is almost over. I can now see direction clearly. I know which pair to trade with the highest probability of profit. I know when to exit and I know when to turn off the computer while still holding positions. I have mastered the basic of Forex. The only thing now is discipline and Money Management.

What I am not willing to do is to write in this blog about trading ideas. I may blow out the answer. After almost 4 years, its not something I am willing to give easily. There are no notes, no records, nothing written anywhere on my trading ideas. Its all in my head. My system now is so simple, it consist of only 2 main indicators which I can trade without. Find the answer and its all smooth sailing from there. I just wish I have found it earlier.

For those of you who show interest in my new trading system, thank you for the attention. I have stopped giving out my system due to limited time I have to teach. I dont teach, I dont sell my system, I dont ask for your money and I dont give signals.

You can come and visit this blog. I will give chart analysis from time to time. Dont expect too much coz there is not much in Forex anyway.

Good luck to all of you. Thank you for visiting my blog. For today, do sell GJ coz its going down. You just need to figure out where to enter. Its not an easy task, I know coz Ive been there.

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