Friday, December 12, 2008

The Market is now moving with unexpected turns. These are hard times. News traders have long gone. These kind of market isnt moving with the news. The only ones left are fundamental long term traders and technical traders. These are the traders who will survive in these kind of situation.

I have heard of quiet a numbers of blown accounts now. For these people dont feel bad. The world is not againts you. Just have to wait for a better time to enter the market.

I for myself have taken the long term trades only. Short term trades is out of the question now. Those sharp and sudden turns will kill any short term traders. It took me a while to realize, fortunately my loss is small and I manage to change tactics in a short period of time. At the moment I only take long position because that is what the daily chart is saying. All managed accounts is currently on hold. No more live trades for managed accounts. The risk is not very healthy right now.

These are hard times. The market is ever changing but at the moment the changes is greater than before. You need to be on your feet and react accordingly to changes of the market. Survive this and you will survive a long time in the market.

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