Monday, December 15, 2008

I was doing some graphic editing these days. Just as a hobby. It seems that everytime I try to render in Photoshop, my pc will shutdown. It just switch off the power and everything is blank.

So I decided to investigate on the cause of the shutdown. After monitoring the temperature while doing some Photoshop rendering. My CPU temperature climbed up to 94C and my north bridge chipset is at 124C and the system will shutdown.

Imagine the component of your PC is reaching 124C. That is higher than point of boiling for water. It is scary sometimes thinking that the pc is under my table, just beside my leg and it is burning hot. Hopefully nothing will ever explode and take my leg with it. Im typing this with one leg on the chair just in case.

If you are using a pc, there is nothing to worry about. Under normal usage, the cpu is always below 40C. Mine is sleeping at 33C now. Its just that when you do some heavy calculation stuff that everything turns up red hot. So you can just surf the net, play some 3d games, watch dvd etc. Those normal usage do not require heavy calculation and your PC is half awake. Btw, 3d games is not a heavy usage. My pc can run Quake Wars with everything turned to max for hours. No problem there.

I will not use photoshop again on this pc. This is my power pc and it is running hot. I am using my 2nd pc to render all my photoshop graphic. Its been an hour and my 2nd pc still not finish rendering a 14Mega Pixel picture. This pc however can do it in 10 minutes. Talk about difference in power.

Next I am going to buy an Apple Mac for all my rendering needs. So my house will be full of computers. Btw I have 3 desktop and a laptop now working in the house. So if I add another Mac, I can turn my house into a cyber cafe.

As for Forex, its going up but at the moment the direction is down. So be on the look out for a sell but keep in mind, the long term trade is a buy. Forex is not a straight road and I feel like Yoda speaking right now. How can I say sell but at the time look for buy. You know it when its there. I assure you.

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