Forex Mentor

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A few friends asked me if I can teach them the proper way to trade. To be profitable and to stay profitable in the long run. I was thinking of publishing it here but some of them do not agree to the idea and suggest that I show them how I trade live in real time and for that reason, the article on how I trade now will not be fully published here. There will be one indicator excluded.

As for those who wish to learn from me, do contact me via my phone and suggest time and place for the class. All I asked is 2 hours of your time and some willingness to absorb the knowledge Im going to give.

It is possible to learn my trading method in 2 hours. It is 90% technical + 10% fundamental. 4 indicators only with total of 8 method to read it combined into 2 trading method to cover trending and ranging market.

All I asked in return is willingness and time to learn, maybe buy me some drinks or something. You cannot expect me to talk for 2 hours without drinks. So find a good place with wifi, bring your laptops and notebooks, spare 2 hours and dont forget to buy me drinks.

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