Who is Willcare??

Friday, April 4, 2008

In the world of Forex, Willcare is a name known to few. I just heard his name this week. He is going to run a seminar on forex this weekend in Sabah. A few friends asked me if I can find out anything about him.

After searching the internet, I found nothing on his trade method. No a single article or picture giving a view of his method. Some people say he is a millionare but for me its no surprise.

He charge RM1200.00 to attend his class and limits the number of students to 50 per class. Last month he ran 8 classes. Lets do the math shall we.

1200 X 50 X 8 = RM480,000.00
That is his income for last month. Do that 3 months and you are a sure millionaire. Simple and easy as abc - 123.

The logic is if you are a millionaire born out of forex why go to the trouble of going all over malaysia and teaching. Wouldnt it be easier just to trade. After all trading forex made you a millionaire.

If you are a millionaire born out of forex, why charge so high and making it available to everyone. Your system claims to have 300 - 500 pip a day. If you trade only 10% of your capital that is a return of 30% - 50% a day. Do the math for a month and you have 900% - 1500% a month return. Thats a lot of money no matter how you look at it. With that much money, why charge RM1,200.00 for the class or money is never enough. If money is never enough, then forex is a wrong place to start with let alone teaching it to someone else.

Anyway this is only my view on someone who claims to be a millionaire born out of trading forex. There are a few forex millionaire and none that I know of giving class with such a high price. I even had an offer from a forex millionaire to learn from him with the price of nothing. Just go see him and he will teach how to trade and be like him and pay nothing in return. Because the money I am going to pay him is nothing compared to what he has now.

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