Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you are doing fine and have lots of pips to enjoy. Just got back from a vacation. 6 days there and I got bored and get back home. Leave my wife and kids there to do their shopping. It seems that I like it better at home than to stay at hotels. Maybe I'm getting old :)

Been a while since I have updated this blog. Been thinking of deleting or selling this blog to anyone who wants it.

Met a friend while on vacation. It seems he is making 15k average per month without even knowing how to trade. Talk about forex with peace of mind. You guys wanna know how he did it? Let me tell you his story.

He wanted to learn from me how to trade but I am reluctant to teach him since this is not something I can teach. I can tell you how I did it but I cant guarantee you can do it the same way I did. Its not pure technical or skill. There are some form of mind control involve. I cant change your mind. You have to do it your self. Free your mind.

He kept asking me how to make money in forex. I gave him a way that is a bit risky but with care everyone can do it. I told him to find a trader that is looking for investors. Lots of new traders around with good skills but low capital. These traders are looking for a way to maximize their income, so they take in few accounts to manage. They trade their own account and at the same time execute the exact same trade on their managed accounts. They take profit from their own account and take commission on manage accounts.

Turns out after 1 year my friend manage to get 15k average monthly income and he knows nothing bout trading. There are few rules to follow if you want to do the exact same way.

1. Study the trader records. At least 3 months maintain profit.
2. Open a trading account with your name tied to your banking account. (dont ever hand him your money)
3. Get the trader details just in case he decide to make a run for it.
4. Ready to accept trading losses. If its a trading loss, accept it and release him from his burden. Trading is already hard enuf. Now you know why I dont manage accounts.
5. Give him your trading account details and leave him alone.
6. Take him out for dinner at the end of the months. Dont ask, let him tell you bout the trading.

Hope that is clear enuf. Those steps are minimal. Extra precaution is always welcome but dont put pressure on the trader. We dont want to send him to a mental hospital or something.

Good luck everyone and happy trading. Im not going to give any trade setup since its all based on situation. If its there, then i trade. Ifs its not there, then I just watch and play with my RC helicopter. My new hobby is RC helicopter btw, a very expensive hobby.... oouch.

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