How about Dow 14,000+?

Monday, November 8, 2010


May 6 - when the Dow nearly 1,000 points intraday - was just the beginning of a tough leg.

I've been warning the subscribers of a few months now - just like us a ton of money on the long side of the market - one day of reckoning is approaching.

My technical indicators - tracking options wave analysis chart patterns - although for me that would be cruel. And despite multiple layers of volume Rally, the worst is yet to come.

You can stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, or you can earn a ton of money on the short side of the market with my

There is no law that says you have to lose money just because everyone else is.

I have not stopped wearing bell-what happened to this right this time. I got the big rally off the bear market depression, and my subscribers for substantial profits in the long term the market since the end of time.

But now is the time to get things to link a bit. We are mainly trading "put" options on Parabolic Options now.

The Dow's 9000 line, and you can get on together or go for a lucrative ride.

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First a swim, then a rocket ride back to

As I said, this correction is cruel, but it will be brief.

Never in my life chart reading and technical analysis I have seen a pattern more clear.

This correction will shake the dumb money back. And most investors will not be completely wrong on the mother of all bull markets, such as the Dow climbed to new all-time highs in the next 6-9 months!

People have me "fighter" when I told subscribers to go long in March 2009 - right in the market. They all clamor to sell when the market fell back to the beginning of the summer
- While we gebank big profits from the rapid rebound I knew would come.

I have gold meteo se Riese emerging as the same Wall Street "gurus" called for an "imminent collapse" of the commodities "bubble." And if they all proclaim an end to the rally every month from September to April, we continue to act and held bank profits.

The Wall Street crowd was angry over and over again. But my own technical indicators called every major market moves. We have the right, and we have the profits to prove it.

The "scissors" lacked any chief marks turning the past 18 months. And I guarantee they will be shocked by the cruelty of this short leg off and confused by the real historic rally that follows.

But I love big surprises, that's when we
make our greatest gains in clusters!

Since we started publishing Parabolic Options, our best lines came in trade advantages, when most investors were surprised by the market moves, we can identify with scientific precision. For example:

* Over a two-week expands in May 2008, we closed transactions for 275% profit, profits 320%, 512% and 257% profit gain, among others.

* From mid-August to early September 2008, we entered into sixteen winning trades in a row, including profit of 158%, 132%, 164% and 509%.

* Shortly afterwards, we did not really hit big with 27 winners in 28 trades - with 15 winners who doubled our money or better.

* When I was in March 2009, we closed another 13 winners in a row over a two-week stretches, including three more money-doublers.

* From late July through mid-September, we enjoy a feast of the other 31 winning trades closed with gains, including gains of 100%, 105%, 152% and 197%, among others.

* We closed 2009 with another run of gains, closing 33 transactions in wins the last two months of the year - for the profit of 115%, 162%, 108%, 109% and more.

* When the January overwhelmed shaken off the dumb money, we jumped in head first full advantage of the rally to take us knew would come. Besides, we closed 77 trades since February, piling up 61 winners - a 79.2% winning percentage - including 161% 588% 157% 100% 110% profit, and much more.

* And on May 6 - at a time when panic reigned Wall Street - we quietly closed another 17 winning trades, including seven who doubled from money or better!

So yes, our biggest gains come in clusters. And I fully believed in the coming months some of the best gains of my life will make investment.

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Options trading made easy. Wen made easy.
And a big win too easily made.

I trade shares. Nothing wrong with that. You can see some nice gains in a hurry if you know what you do.

But I love trading options. You can also use your winnings 5-10 times larger, so that only small investments can grow big in a flash. And whether you're a newbie option ... An experienced entrepreneur ... or someone just looking for a better way to trade options, I can help.

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* The importance of double bottoms and double tops. How easy to identify.

* How to know when the big-money insiders makes a move - especially when all they can do to cover their tracks.

* An examination of the differences - including strengths and weaknesses - from fundamental and technical analysis.

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