A BASIC SYSTEM - 10/05/10

Monday, May 10, 2010

I posted a basic system before with a chart of GbpUsd. Now I am going to use the same system and post the same pairs again.

Now GbpUsd has cross above LWMA55 and Macd has cross also. This is a new signal. So from now on only consider long position on GbpUsd. Btw anyone notice the price on this chart with the one i posted earlier?

Someone posted trade details. It seems the way I am trading will make me go bankrupt. All I can say is you dont have the idea what Forex is. Maybe I may not know how to handle the current market but my demo account has no drawdown. Maybe its coz im lucky. I just dont know.

I have stop trading the demo on marketiva. For $30 for the monthly winner. It is just a waste of time (Now I am going to reverse trade it). Instead I go for Instaforex forex sniper. Prize money is $1500 for weekly winner. Check out the banner on top.

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