Why Forex Trading is not the other?

Friday, March 26, 2010

1. If the money saved in local banks, small banks and interest according to the islam illegally, but safely.
2. If the funds in bank sharie, revenue sharing is not so great, but safe and legal.
3. If the funds invested in property (land or house), a substantial annual profit, but it was difficult to remove them or sell them if there is an urgent need.
4. If the fund stood or stored in vaults (such as praise), not going to grow and not safe.
5. If the fund invested in equities or indices, an important benefit, but the risk is very high losses for the moment.
6. If the funds are used to open a store or even a company store, take time to care for even one day weekend to go because at that time to reach a definite advantage and must be on time full.
7. If the fund has invested in the Forex, the substantial profit from the bank, we are safe because the funds are guaranteed broker and is not affected because the crisis could be one of two channels (can sell and buy directly).

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