Monday, January 26, 2009

When people say free forex signal, it refer to an instruction to trade specific currency pair at a certain price. Normally this signal is based on the trader study and experience. It is more of a personal view of things to come.

In certain cases the signal does work. In a different situation, it fails. This is because the person giving that signal is also a small trader. His study is based on either technical or fundamental with no real money to back it up.

If that person is good, he will have enough followers and the total money traded towards his signal will back him up and make the currency move. If that person have very few followers, then he is swimming alone in a sea full of sharks.

That is what most of us do. We do not coordinate and we work alone in forex. Thats why the sharks are taking their time and making easy picking of us, swallowing one at a time. It doesnt sounds good but its the truth. Now you dont have to wonder why most people fails and why banks keep on making huge profit.

If you want to take forex signal, take it from someone who you can trust from inside the banks. They have a lot more info and study on forex. The amount of info, knowlegde, manpower and money is impossible for any of us to compete.

For some people who manage to find a method to be profitable in forex, its a good thing. You have found a way to take advantage of the system. The system after all is developed by human and human by itself is full of weaknesses.

For those of you who is losing, its time to think about swimming alone is a sea of sharks. Time to find friends and help each other out in terms of knowledge and money power.

Dont get me wrong, I am in profit today. I have found a way to take advantage of the system though its like a mouse, stealing food one little bit at a time. Better to profit a little than losing all the time but for how long are you willing to be the small fish. Always jumping in and out of trade. Hoping for the trend to hold long enough for you to gain a little profit.

In order for me to grow in forex, I need to team up. It has long been in my mind, just looking for the right opportunity and people. Anyone here think the same?

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