Saturday, October 4, 2008

This was an article I posted last year. I took it down due to some agreement between me and Henry Carol. It seems that he forgot about it and forgot to fill his end of the bargain. Furthermore I notice his website claims profit of 1420pips on March this year. Kind of hard to believe if you are in my position. Keep on reading on the original article and maybe you can understand why is it hard to believe for me. Hopefully this article can give you some ideas on what is going on.

Lately I found myself having very little time to trade. On August 07 I only traded for 3 days due to my day job requires me to travel alot. So I look around the internet for an account manager. After looking around I've decided to let someone whom I once bought signal from to manage my account. Below are his details.

YM name = double88forex aka Henrycarol
Real Name = Leong Tian Su
Maybank A/C Number = 108011745015
Phone Number = +6017 888 0963
Website =

He is an IB for, meaning that anyone who open an account under him will entitle him for commision based on trading volume. The more you trade the more he earns.

After showing some impressive account statements, and promise for a target return of 50% a month I finally handed over the account to him. You can click on the picture to see the result of his trade. It is pretty impressive to see what he can do with USD2k in 2 weeks time.

As you can see he totally lost it in 2 weeks time. After he lost it, he just say that he is being reckless and asked me to fund the account again so that he can trade again. What you guys think I should do?

Money I have and money I can find, but the hardest thing to find is responsibility and friendship. You will be surprised at how easy it it a human can be bought by money. You guys might say USD2000 (RM7000) is a lot of money to lose but know this, I have lost more money to people whom I know as friends. These 5 years I have friends that borrow money from me for a total of RM12,000 and I have never seen the money back. Once they have got the money they will just avoid meeting me.

This is a sad story of how I lose my spending money. I hope that all of you out there can be cautious about who you give your money to be it online or offline. This is because once a friend borrowed money from you and he decided to split you will lose money and friendship. They just dont understand that all the power and money in the world counts for absolutely nothing when you are alone. Which is it that you want? More money or more friends?

Anyway back to trading, fasting month is a month of rest for me. I can spend more time in the office so I have time to trade. Last week I gain 10.99% of my account. Hopefully I can maintain that till end of the month. Happy trading everyone.


I forgot to mention one thing. On top of the USD2000 there was also a setup fee of RM300. I totally forgot about it and that is why I didnt mention it on the above post.

After I posted this story, Henry Carol contact me again via YM with an offer. Take down this story and he will return me the setup fee of RM300. What you guys think?? Good offer or not?

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