Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There are many ways to make money in Forex, not to forget there are a million ways to lose money in Forex market. Its an open market design for open competition. Only the smartest will survive.

A little something about Baseline Trader. I have spend more than 2 years looking at charts. I am looking at charts through technical aspect. Meaning, there must be some logical explanation why forex behave the way it is. Looking thru the naked eyes, forex market is unpredictable, wild and hungry. Its like a tsunami wave, destroying everything in its path but then there are wave surfers who make a living out of surfing waves. How is that possible?

Baseline Trader will be based on Fibonacci numbers. Believe or not, Fibonacci is a wonderful mathematical calculation. In the chart there will be short term and long term trade, fib levels, entry and exit, sl level all bunch up in a single chart. Sounds too much but believe me, once you know how to read it, one glance and you know where you are going to be. It is design to be simple yet precise. If you read the chart right, you will always be with the trend and you will always know your exit.

Below is a chart of GJ trade which I took. I like to share with you the chart since willcare is giving signal in the opposite direction. My entry and exit point is based on Fib levels. In the chart the level is not shown since Marketiva doesnt have the indicator available. My full chart is on MT4. Btw, I missed my entry so I will not trade GJ for now. My entry is exactly on the black line.

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