Saturday, August 2, 2008

Market is closed so nothing to see and nothing to do. I will post today how to tweak Celcom 3G so that you can get maximum speed from HSPDA.

PC Setting

1st part is pc setting. You have to max out every setting at you pc for the Nokia Modem. Get to the properties of your modem be it a phone or dedicated modem. This is how my pc setting for the Nokia N95 modem.

That is the pc part. Some people say it is not important since the driver will determine the com speed but I do it anyway just to make sure all speed is max out. Next is the important thing that is the phone setting.

Phone Setting

Get into your phone menu and change the network setting to UMTS only but in order to do this u must make sure there is a strong enough 3G signal. This forces the modem to use UMTS or HSDPA mode. At the moment max download speed for HSDPA is 7.2 Mb. So in theory 2 Mb is a piece of cake.

That is the setting i use to tweak my celcom 3g using Nokia N95 as modem. Simple but effective. Highest download speed recorded is around 2Mb but as we know, Celcom 3G isnt at is best now. Sometimes when the network is bad I couldnt even log in. Considering the speed and mobility, Celcom 3G is going to kick screamyx ass for sure. Dont you think?

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